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Asked by John Konings on 2021-04-12

On very much occasions a system crash occurred, only the mouse could move but gave no reactions on any workspace.
I cannot give you further information because the system could not make a report and the logs were not integrated in this OS to verify the problem. I installed the common Ubuntu 20.04 LTS over it after disc-format and no problems occurred. The installed language was English(US) with US-keyboard with € on % and 5.
The real question is why Ubuntu Studio with the latency kernel with xfce is not working with the major controls in the system to overcome crashes.

 This file appeared in my profile.d In Ubuntu Studio:

# cedilla-portuguese.sh (c) 2015 Canonical
# Author: Gunnar Hjalmarsson <email address hidden>
# Released under the GPL
# File: /etc/profile.d/cedilla-portuguese.sh
# The desired behavior when typing in certain languages is that
# '+c results in the ç character, and not ć. In Portuguese this
# can be achieved by setting LC_CTYPE to either pt_BR.UTF-8 or
# pt_PT.UTF-8. Related files:
# /usr/share/X11/locale/pt_BR.UTF-8/Compose
# /usr/share/X11/locale/pt_PT.UTF-8/Compose
# When the selected display language is Portuguese (either Brazilian
# Portuguese or Portuguese as spoken in Portugal), LC_CTYPE inherits
# the desired value from LANG. Due to this file, setting the Regional
# Formats value to Portuguese (Brazil) or Portuguese (Portugal) is
# sufficient to enable the just mentioned behavior, even if the
# display language is something else but Portuguese.
if [ "${LC_IDENTIFICATION%_*}" = 'pt' -a "${LANG%_*}" != 'pt' ]; then

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