A couple of questions about Jaunty netbook remix

Asked by Uwe Geuder

I've tried to search the web, but haven't found any answers.

1. Is the Jaunty UMR only available as USB .img? I haven't found a CD .iso. (I have an external optical drive which I have sucessfully used for Ubuntu installations before , but no suitable memory stick handy)

2. Is it a Live CD (or Live-image) I.e, can I try it before it starts to write on my disk?

3. Does it support multi-boot installation. (I still want to keep my Windows and Intrepid system. (I have a 160GB hard drive, so no problems to make it fit)

4. Does it contain any (proprietary) drivers for Intel Atom and/or netbook peripherals, which are not available when I install the "normal" Ubuntu? The description mentioned it gets some components form Moblin, but I did not find further details.
(I'm not overly interested in the new UI, but if it offered better/additional hardware support it might be worth trying)

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kernowyon (kernowyon) said :

1 - As far as I know, yes, it is just the .img file (and pretty large too at over 900mb!)

2 - Yes, it is just like the standard system - with the choice to install or try before installing.

3 - No idea. I don't have Windows on my systems and my Netbook is only a tiddly little EeePC 701 with a 4GB drive - so I don't run more than one OS on it. But as the netbook version is basically Ubuntu with modified graphics and some netbook specific tweaks, I would stick my neck out and say yes - but that is a pure guess!

4 - Not sure about your specific netbook, but my EeePC is covered well (wireless drivers etc are fine).


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Tom (tom6) said :

1. I think img and iso are sooo similar that it's not worth worrying about

2. Even when you boot up from a Usb stick it's often called a "Live Cd session", yes i think it is the default as always?

3. Yes, multi-boot systems are very much a standard for linux systems. Most of us keep a working Windows and often another linux distro. It's a little unusual to have 2 version of the same distro but you certainly wouldn't be the first :) The grub installer should pick up on all the other OS's there automatically, we can help edit menu.lst if it doesn't.

4. I thought this was one of the main points of the specifically netbook remix in that it offered a system with a different set of drivers and stuff more likely to be found in netbook systems. I'm not certain about this. Hopefully the Live 'Cd' and perhaps the additional boot making your system a multi-boot system should give interesting results about this

Good luck and regards from
Tom :)

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Tom (tom6) said :

lol, this is the second time Mark and I have done this. I need to go for a cuppa tea anyway ;) lol
Good luck and regards from Tom :)

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Uwe Geuder (ubuntulp-ugeuder) said :

Thanks for your answers.

1. If it's over 900MB, it won't fit on a CD. I wouldn't mind using a DVD either, but looks like it is not possible. Even if .iso and .img formats are pretty similar, I doubt the system would boot with just a similar format. For booting every byte has to be at the right place.

2. Answer seems to be yes.

3. A vague yes? I don't think anybody has confirmed having done it. (Tom: Of course the system can live with multiboot. The question is whether the UMR installer offers you the coice to create such a configuration. On netbooks with small solid state drives it wouldn't make sense.

4. This question is still open. Yes Tom, trying it out seems to be the only way to be sure for the time being.

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kernowyon (kernowyon) said :

It doesn't fit on a cd - the .img file is designed to be copied on to a USB key. 2 ways to do it, either the good old command line or the rather neat little GUI front end for the command which is just a click and go job.
The image file is exactly as it suggests - the OS, ready to roll (set up ready for your USB stick).
That presumably explains the size of the file - the .iso is just a fraction under 700mb, the .img is well over 900mb.

What I have done is installed my UNR onto a SD card and then I can select to boot from either the built in SSD hard disk or from the SD card ;) If you have Windows installed on you main drive, then installing UNR to an SD card is a good choice. Unlike running it in "live" mode from the USB stick, it is actually installed and thus runs at full speed.

Waves to Tom :) Indeed - we must stop meeting like this :D


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Uwe Geuder (ubuntulp-ugeuder) said :

> The image file is exactly as it suggests - the OS, ready to roll (set up ready for your USB stick).
> That presumably explains the size of the file

Isn't the "normal" Ubuntu just ready to roll, too? And it fits on CD. What is the difference here?

> What I have done is installed my UNR onto a SD card

Interesting idea. How big is your SD card?

Thanks Mark!

And for all others: Question 4 is still open. Is there anything Moblin specific in UNR that is not in Ubuntu otherwise?

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Uwe Geuder (ubuntulp-ugeuder) said :

> What I have done is installed my UNR onto a SD card

When I read my previous answer, google presented this advertisement: http://www.acer-1-soft.co.uk/. They claim:

> (If you were wondering why we don't supply this build on an SD card - which would be a snugger fit -
> it's because the One won't boot from an SD, only USB).

From you previous answer I guess you are talking about EEE PC. I have an Acer One. So If they are correct, it's not an option for me.

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Steve (stupendoussteve-deactivatedaccount) said :

I have created a Bootable ISO of Netbook Remix, just for fun. ISOLINUX is a loader that will boot from a cdrom, and it is on the UNR image, you just have to rename a couple of files and then put them in a CD Image. I posted how I did so in question 69754 (whenever my email goes up).

I did not burn it to a DVD but was able to boot and install in VirtualBox, which I was not able to do trying to mount the .img as an optical drive.

Pics: http://www.flickr.com/photos/stupendoussteve/tags/ubuntu/

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glass.dimly (jmjohn) said :

I'd like to load UNR onto an older PC, it seems to run so fast on that Atom processor. However, since its an older PC, it can't boot from USB. So, I'd really like to see an ISO for it, or instructions for how to create one.

As UNR grows more popular, others will want this. After all, its a simplified operating system whose interface is far slicker than Windows'. Why make it a niche market? If someone likes UNR on their Atom processor, why not help them load it onto their desktop? Why make them work to convert an img file to an iso?

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Tom (tom6) said :

Unlike most forums it's much better to post new questions as the start of a new thread

but you can always add a link to this thread

UNR is mainly aimed at machines that don't have a cd/dvd-drive so it's focussed on the other options

Also 9.04 is the first time the UNR has been available at all so it's more of a "work-in-progress" rather than the final word on how UNR will be forever more. Anyway, if you post this as a new question then more people than just me will see it and maybe give a much better answer :)
Thanks, good luck and regards from
Tom :)

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