Are there plans to update the legacy-images in 20.04 with the 20.04.2 kernel/drivers?

Asked by Joseph Cunliffe on 2021-04-06

I was able to install a server using the 20.04.2 live server ISO, but found that the drivers in the legacy-images have not been updated to match.

Are there any plans to update the legacy-images?



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If you run updates on 20.04 then you will upgrade to 20.04.2

They aren't different releases of Ubuntu, just different point releases due to it being LTS. Point releases allow users to install with fewer updates needed

If you suspect an issue with the legacy-images package then please report a bug

Joseph Cunliffe (wdcjoecco) said : #2

My issue is that I am trying to PXE boot using the 20.04 legacy image, and the drivers in that image fail to load due to the NIC (i40e) has a newer version of the FW than the driver understands. This results in the preseed install failing to configure the network, and the install failing to complete, since it has no network. The 20.04.2 ISO drivers are more current, and therefore are able to configure the NIC and the installation is able to proceed. On servers that use a different NIC and it can be configured, the pressed install works as expected and the result is a 20.04.2 install.

Manfred Hampl (m-hampl) said : #4

looking at I see the following

Try the New Ubuntu Server Installer
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Legacy Ubuntu Server Installer Images
The Legacy Ubuntu Server Installer is still available below, but will stop receiving updates in the future.

Joseph Cunliffe (wdcjoecco) said : #5

That is the plan long term, but for now it would be nice to have a legacy image for x86_64 that does not have the bug that keeps PXE installs from working.

Manfred Hampl (m-hampl) said : #6

Maybe the discussion in helps answering your question

Joseph Cunliffe (wdcjoecco) said : #7

I ended up updating the kernel and modules to 5.4.0-70 in the legacy image and was able to use that setup to PXE and get the network configured.