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Asked by Rich.b on 2021-04-03

Home built PC
OS Ubuntu 20.04LTS updated yesterday.

For some time, the desktop files/folders have been somewhat awry.

Not all files/folders were visible at start-up until I rebooted.

Today Saturday libre office spreadsheet now will not open any files. A dot is shown on the spreadsheet icon, also 2 small windows with a cross in both have appeared at the top left-hand of the screen. These are about 1 cm x 2cm. These both had a dot preceding the x and there is a word "File" under the x

There were 41 files/folders on the desktop, but after trying to open a spreadsheet there were 42 Files/Folders.

The extra file has ".~lock." preceding the file name.

Any advice, please.


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Rich.b (aybi30) said : #1

I did run the following on 2/4/21

sudo apt update
sudo apt full-upgrade

Manfred Hampl (m-hampl) said : #2

The extra file has ".~lock." preceding the file name.

On Linux systems a file whose name stars with a dot is a hidden file. You usually do not see it.
If you open nautilus (the file explorer program on Ubuntu) and press ctrl-h you toggle visibility of hidden files.

Lock files are used to prevent concurrent updates.
Imagine that you open a file for editing in an editor and then start another editor and open the same file. What do you expect should the system do if you make different changes in the two windows and then save the file?

To prevent such event, the editor crates a lock file, and if you wnat to open the same file in another editor window, you will get a warning that the file is already open elsewhere and in the second window you are restricted to read-only access.

Apparently you have activated display of hidden files, such that you now see the".~lock." files on your desktop.

Which Ubuntu release are you running, and which desktop variant (Lubuntu, Xubuntu, "standard" Ubuntu, ...)?

Rich.b (aybi30) said : #4

Thank you Manfred for getting back to me.

As far I know I have "standard" Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

How do I find out?

Rich.b (aybi30) said : #5

I have tried removing and re-installing LibreOffice but made no difference.

Rich.b (aybi30) said : #6

Update on Desktop awry:-

What I have done:

Removed ALL LibreOffice including libreoffice folder in Home folder.
Reinstalled spreadsheet & writer, both seem to work without the problem. The problem was they would not open.

The problem I have noticed with the desktop when I save a word or excel type file that some of the desktop files disappear?
These are restored if I reboot.

Any advice, please.


Rich.b (aybi30) said : #7

I have also noticed that the desktop seems to rearrange itself each time.

It is not possible for me to arrange the desktop as I could when using Ubuntu 18.04LTS

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