Problem with mount NTFS partition - can't mount properly

Asked by Piotr on 2021-04-02

Dear Ubuntu Community,

I deinstalled Windows in my friend machine but now I can't mount properly NTFS partition. Output from terminal:

"Falling back to read-only mount because the NTFS partition is in an
unsafe state. Please resume and shutdown Windows fully (no hibernation
or fast restarting.)"

I am sure that I shutted down Windows before deinstallation. How I can repair this if I don't want to lose my data and I don't want install Windows? Can you help me?

Yours faitfully,

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Bernard Stafford (bernard010) said : #1

Go to Ubuntu open Gparted Delete the Windows partitions. Open Boot repair and recover grub.
Restart Computer.

Bernard Stafford (bernard010) said : #2

You can look for Gparted and Boot repair on Ubuntu software center snap packages.

Piotr (peterq94) said : #3

This is noot good answer. I don't have problem with GRUB. I want to leave this partition and I don't want delete this because I have there photos and videos. This is important data if I will use Gparted this destroy my data. I don't want do this. Someone have solution to fix it without deleting data?

Piotr (peterq94) said : #4

I fixed this issue. Simply I runed Windows installed without installation than I shut down computer properly. Windows 10 probably shuted down but for hibernation mode for fast startup so this was problem. Now everything works fine and I can properly mount partition.

Piotr (peterq94) said : #5

I mean that I runed Windows installator and not "installed" like I mentioned. This was problem with my english.