arduino nano software uppload usb permision issue

Asked by Bjarni R Thor on 2021-02-05

HI im newbie here and with uploading, i'm trying to upload software package to arduino NANO board from arduino software uploader, i have the latest version of ubuntu in mi pc its a lenovo ideapad s145 laptop here are the copied error message from the upploader,

Arduino: 1.8.13 (Linux), Board: "Arduino Nano, ATmega328P (Old Bootloader)"

Sketch uses 25468 bytes (82%) of program storage space. Maximum is 30720 bytes.
Global variables use 588 bytes (28%) of dynamic memory, leaving 1460 bytes for local variables. Maximum is 2048 bytes.
avrdude: ser_open(): can't open device "/dev/ttyUSB0": Permission denied
Problem uploading to board. See for suggestions.

This report would have more information with
"Show verbose output during compilation"
option enabled in File -> Preferences.

im alredy spent time to look for solution looooong time and im out of luck, pleas if someone know about this issue if can pleas send me informaiton to correct this for a newbe or for a baby hehe thanks

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Manfred Hampl (m-hampl) said : #1

What is the output of the command

ls -l /dev/ttyUSB0

depending on the group that is shown with that device file, you probably have to add yourself to the appropriate group, probably
sudo usermod -a -G tty $USER
sudo usermod -a -G dialout $USER

Then log off and log in again.

Bjarni R Thor (bjarnirt) said : #2

Hi and thanks for this, somehow i manage to change something in the terminal with the code that you sent happy happy looks like now i can start to use the malelectrics arduino spot welder, im so proud of myself to manage to build this board from clean board and solder all the micro tiny components and now i can se it working wow thanks so much for your help, im just wish i could help you or people here.
thanks and best regards from Iceland