Temp. Monitor Software for Motherboard

Asked by Navin Talati on 2021-01-22

Is there any open source Software which can monitor temperatures of different parts of a motherboard of the system?
i.e. which shows temperatures of CPU, North-bridge, South-bridge, VRM, RAM and other major parts on the motherboard.
Please suggest the appropriate.

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Manfred Hampl (m-hampl) said : #1

These temperatures can be monitored if the hardware provides temperature sensors at those spots and an interface that software can query them
Does your hardware have that many different temperature sensors on these locations?

Navin Talati (n-m-talati) said : #2

How do I come to know about whether the Motherboard is provided with temperature sensors at its different places?
My machine's motherboard is "Asus M4A88T-M" ( https://www.asus.com/in/Motherboards/M4A88TM/ ).

Bernard Stafford (bernard010) said : #3

To Scan your motherboard for Sensors open a Terminal type: sudo sensors-detect
It will request YES or no to continue. This will answer your question what sensors are available for your motherboard.
Ubuntu Software Center has snaps for sensor readings. Search for: psensor or hardware sensors indicator
Once again determined by the sensors on the motherboard and what the software is designed to monitor for.

Bernard Stafford (bernard010) said : #4

Be sure to read all of the on screen instructions in the terminal. Apply no if you do not want to proceed any further.

Daniel Letzeisen (dtl131) said : #5

It's an ITE 8712F-S Super I/O chip. You'll probably have to force load it87 module:

sudo modprobe -v it87 ignore_resource_conflict=1

To make it permanent:
echo "options it87 ignore_resource_conflict=1" | sudo tee -a etc/modprobe.d/it87.conf
echo it87 | sudo tee -a /etc/modules

Note on using ignore_resource_conflict
* ignore_resource_conflict
  Similar to acpi_enforce_resources=lax, but only affects this driver.
  ACPI resource conflicts are ignored if this parameter is provided and
  set to 1.
  Provided since there are reports that system-wide acpi_enfore_resources=lax
  can result in boot failures on some systems.
  Note: This is inherently risky since it means that both ACPI and this driver
  may access the chip at the same time. This can result in race conditions and,
  worst case, result in unexpected system reboots.

Navin Talati (n-m-talati) said : #6

REF: #5
Sir, "....It's an ITE 8712F-S Super I/O chip...", means you are saying that the Motherboard "Asus M4A88T-M"(Referred under #2) is bearing tat chip? Where is it located?

Navin Talati (n-m-talati) said : #7

The sensor detection reslts as under:

navin@linux:~$ sudo sensors-detect
[sudo] password for navin:
# sensors-detect version 3.6.0
# Board: ASUSTeK Computer INC. M4A88T-M
# Kernel: 5.4.0-64-generic x86_64
# Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II X2 555 Processor (16/4/3)

This program will help you determine which kernel modules you need
to load to use lm_sensors most effectively. It is generally safe
and recommended to accept the default answers to all questions,
unless you know what you're doing.

Some south bridges, CPUs or memory controllers contain embedded sensors.
Do you want to scan for them? This is totally safe. (YES/no):

Should I proceed with applying "YES" (or which ever comes as Default)?

Daniel Letzeisen (dtl131) said : #8

See upper right corner of image:

Why did you run sensors-detect, but not run the commands I gave you? sensors-detect is just going to tell you that you need 'it87' for your motherboard.

Navin Talati (n-m-talati) said : #9

The result of your given commands per #5 is as under:
 navin@linux:~$ sudo modprobe -v it87 ignore_resource_conflict=1
[sudo] password for navin:
navin@linux:~$ echo "options it87 ignore_resource_conflict=1" | sudo tee -a etc/modprobe.d/it87.conf
tee: etc/modprobe.d/it87.conf: No such file or directory
options it87 ignore_resource_conflict=1
navin@linux:~$ echo it87 | sudo tee -a /etc/modules

What to do further?

Manfred Hampl (m-hampl) said : #10

There was an error in one of the commands (missing slash), should have been

echo "options it87 ignore_resource_conflict=1" | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/it87.conf

if you then reboot and execute the command
what do you get?

Navin Talati (n-m-talati) said : #11

navin@linux:~$ echo "options it87 ignore_resource_conflict=1" | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/it87.conf
[sudo] password for navin:
options it87 ignore_resource_conflict=1

Rebooted the system.

In the starting it show “failed” indication as under:

[FAILED] Failed to start load Kernel Modules

then it started as usual as magenta color Login-screen

Opening the Terminal, the “sensors” stuff was applied and the output is as under:
navin@linux:~$ sensors
Adapter: ACPI interface
Vcore Voltage: 1.01 V (min = +0.85 V, max = +1.60 V)
 +3.3 Voltage: 3.22 V (min = +2.97 V, max = +3.63 V)
 +5 Voltage: 4.86 V (min = +4.50 V, max = +5.50 V)
 +12 Voltage: 12.03 V (min = +10.20 V, max = +13.80 V)
CPU FAN Speed: 2596 RPM (min = 600 RPM, max = 7200 RPM)
CHASSIS FAN Speed: 2089 RPM (min = 600 RPM, max = 7200 RPM)
POWER FAN Speed: 0 RPM (min = 600 RPM, max = 7200 RPM)
CPU Temperature: +41.0°C (high = +60.0°C, crit = +95.0°C)
MB Temperature: +30.0°C (high = +45.0°C, crit = +75.0°C)

Adapter: PCI adapter
temp1: +29.5°C (high = +70.0°C)
                       (crit = +99.5°C, hyst = +97.5°C)


In above detail, what POWER FAN means? I have connected only TWO fans with the motherboard (Chassis @ Processor).

Navin Talati (n-m-talati) said : #12

Sorry ; please read "(Chassis @ Processor)." as "(Chassis & Processor)."

Manfred Hampl (m-hampl) said : #13

Power fan usually means a fan inside the power supply unit. Does the one in your computer have a fan?

For the "failed" message, is there any output for the command

dmesg | grep -i failed

Daniel Letzeisen (dtl131) said : #14

First off, my apologies for the missing / in the command.

Second, the POWER FAN is for motherboards which offer a connector to monitor the PSU fan RPM to make sure it doesn't die. You can ignore it.

As for why the it87 module doesn't load, it's probably because you need a more recent version of it87 than what's found in the kernel for the 'ignore_resource_conflict=1' option to work. So, if you want, you can try this:

sudo apt-get install build-essential dkms git
cd ~/ && mkdir source && cd source/
git clone https://github.com/a1wong/it87.git
cd it87/
sudo make dkms

It will probably not give any additional information compared to the "atk0110-acpi-0" sensor though. I forgot some Asus boards have ACPI read access to temp/voltage readings.

If you decide you don't want it87 module:
sudo rm /etc/it87.conf
cd ~/source/it87/
sudo make dkms_clean
rm -rf ~/source/it87

And finally, you would remove 'it87' from /etc/modules with whatever text editor you like and sudo/root permission.

Launchpad Janitor (janitor) said : #15

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