Dock "Favourites" not appearing in Dock after startup, if adjusted then Favourites reappear in Dock

Asked by Colin Canham on 2021-01-19

After startup the "Dock" does not display preset Favourites, but the Dock is visible, but empty.

Adjusting "Setttings", "Appearance", "Dock adjust to different position" or "Auto Hide Dock" switch on/off/on,

then "Favourites" reappear in Dock and for rest of session. Till next restart or boot up.

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Bernard Stafford
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Which "dock" do you mean please?
Which release of Ubuntu?

Colin Canham (mahnac72) said : #2

Ubuntu 20.10 64 bit, Samsung R522 Laptop
Gnome version 3.38.1
Windowing system Wayland
The DOCK that holds Favourite apps located sides or bottom

Best Bernard Stafford (bernard010) said : #3

If you switch Wayland back to X11, Docker works better on X11.

Colin Canham (mahnac72) said : #4

Thanks for the suggestion Bernard. I noticed an update available this morning and I let it run and since then the Dock seems to be working fine with the "as installed" 20.10 Wayland setup. I will keep the suggestion in mind if it plays up in future again.

I originally struggled with 20.04lts on my setup running extended screen, it would work both screens and then suddenly not, with only been able to get one screen active even though on bootup or shut down the Ubuntu Logo was displayed on both screens, till login, then back to one screen.

I decided to try 20.10 and straight from install both screens worked fine and it has been the first time I have noticed this Wayland setting, not that I've a inkling what either X11 or Wayland is about. The Dock issue was a 20.10 bug that seems sorted now thankfully.