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Asked by Tim on 2021-01-17

I have a old HP Presario F500 Laptop and just wanted to test it with a USB install without Hard drive to test laptop parts after i picked it up so dont know its serviceability. Bios screen and menus all work and display perfectly.
2 GB mem 2 ghz AMD CPU of some sort. Already serviced and cleaned the inside but GPU's ect could be faulty in some way

UBUNTU Install went ok , but a couple of error mesgs and the desktop is not quite right. The Firefox page looks normal but Ubuntu's desktop not all and stuff is displayed over the firefox page??
This is older laptop 2008-2010? Could the latest Ubuntu 20.04.1 not totally compatible? I tried loading a movie from a USB and playing on default player but it didnt play and more display mess.
The icons down the side all look correct but when i move cursor to them , they sort of distort with garbage.

I already reinstalled twice and same. I might have to try a windows install but you need empty hard drive for that so thought i use the usb only Ubunto just to see if laptop is good. Also in BIOS, all menus/picture is perfect so this isnt a failure , has to be the program
or drivers with ubuntu thats causing a picture problem. A earlier version should i try?

UPDATE- I tried install on another older laptop and it was 100% perfect with no errors, so wonder if GPU? is faulty in some way or incomparable for the HP F500 somehow?


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Ubuntu will run on the hardware you have. Using cutting edge hardware can cause issues but older stuff will run fine. Did you update the Ubuntu install after you got to the first boot? This can help.

If you are using Ryzen then you may want to enable the proprietary video driver for it. This may help too

Manfred Hampl (m-hampl) said : #2

"wanted to test it without Hard drive" "I already reinstalled twice"

This is somewhat contradictory.
How and to which medium did you install Ubuntu if you don't have a hard disk?

A recommended way to test a computer with Ubuntu is creating a bootable USB stick with an Ubuntu installer and booting that USB stick in the "Try Ubuntu without installing" mode.

Tim (marginalmemory) said : #3

Yes i was using a bootable usb stick that gives option of install or test and with a laptop with no hard drive, Ubuntu makes a good tester and repairer i use to use years ago Just come back to it now with latest version 20. This laptop i will update the bios and look for drivers ect and updates to make this work as the other laptop with its own GPU worked perfectly after quick load time.
i even tried an old ubuntu 14 on disk and it loaded and froze, so looks like i need to look at the M/B on this laptop and thats fine as repairing many others so will get to it in time. I have seen how good 20 looks and works on another, so will use it when needed for testing or install as alternative to windows.


Manfred Hampl (m-hampl) said : #4

Just a short remark:

There is no "Ubuntu 20" - it is either 20.04 or 20.10.
Ubuntu delivers two release every year, and they are denoted with year (two digits) and month (04 or 10) of publication.
I assume you are referring to Ubuntu 20.04 (which is a long-term supported version - support until April 2025)

see also https://ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases