How can I have several interfaces which are brought up during boot

Asked by Immo on 2021-01-07

I removed all the auto en.. lines from my interfaces file to decide later on if this vlan interface needs to be created or not.

 #auto ens19.2023
iface ens19.2023 inet manual
   vlan-raw-device ens19

#auto ens19.2023.4
iface ens19.2023.4 inet manual
   vlan-raw-device ens19.2023

#auto ens19.2023.4090
iface ens19.2023.4090 inet manual
   vlan-raw-device ens19.2023

#auto br_TB123
iface br_TB123 inet static
   bridge_ports ens19.2023 ens19.2023.4 ens19.2023.4090

But now I cant bring up more than the master vlan interface .

a ifup ens19.2023.4 will not be executed successfully but shows
if test -d /sys/class/net/ens19 -a ! -d /sys/class/net/ens19.2023.4 ; then if test -d /sys/class/net/ens19/device/infiniband; then echo 0x2023 > /sys/class/net/ens19/create_child; else /bin/ip link set up dev ens19; /bin/ip link add link ens19 name ens19.2023.4 type vlan id 2023; fi; fi
RTNETLINK answers: File exists
Ignoring unknown interface ens19.2023.4=ens19.2023.4.
and the ip link command inside is definitly wrong.

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