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Asked by Fred Thiergartner on 2020-07-22

I am running Ubuntu 20.04 as HyperV guest server on Server 2019. I have 8GB of memory and 250GB of solid state disk space allocated. This is running on an Intel brand server with an Intel S2600WF motherboard. We loaded the Gnome graphical interface. It looks like it is using the llvmpipe graphics rather than the Intel Graphics. Intel has a Linux Aspeed graphics driver, but it only lists SUSE and red Hat. I was not sure if that would work. Anyway, I am trying to find out what is causing the graphical interface to run so slowly. if you click on the "Activities" link, it takes about 10-11 seconds to display. Clicking on the "Applications" menu takes another 13-15 second to display. The terminal interface seems to work very quickly. I am just trying to figure out why the graphical interface is so laggy. I have applied updates as they come up and rebooted after them. Nothing seems to make a difference. Anyone have any ideas? I am not a Linux expert, but I have enough experience to know that this kind of performance a atypical. Thanks in advance.

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Did you instal the hyperv guest additions?
Which desktop environment are you using? if you install a light desktop (like LXDE) is it better?

Fred Thiergartner (itdefenses) said : #2

Thanks for your reply. I am running the Gnome Graphical Interface. I have not tried LXDE. Not sure if it makes a difference, but just to make sure you know, I am running Ubuntu 20.04 Server. I feel like there is just some delay in the graphics command being processed. It is not like it is redrawing the screen line by line or something.

Fred Thiergartner (itdefenses) said : #3

Oh and yes, I am running the integration services for HyperV

LXDE doesn't have all the fancy GUI junk that gnome has. I run it on 1Gb RAM and it's fine. Give it a go. Is the VM just to try Linux / Ubuntu out?

There may be some HyperV settings for GUI Linux. Worth looking out for. I've a few servers in HyperV but are all command line based.

Fred Thiergartner (itdefenses) said : #5

Thanks for your suggestion. I will try the LXDE interface. I am integrating this as a production server, but like the graphical crutch. It has been a time since I messed with with command line only Linux. Way back I supported SCO Unix.

What is the server's role? What will it do?

Fred Thiergartner (itdefenses) said : #7

I got LXDE installed and the performance is dramatically better. The server is being used to run a program that stores blueprints and drawings from several vendors worldwide. I have not yet seen the app, but I am told it has minimal requirements.

The default desktop can be quite glossy and use the GPU to create effects. Sounds like a setting for that but for VMs that need a GUI I always suggest LXDE or XFCE. Both are lightweight

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