Ubuntu freezes after resume from suspend in 10-15 sec

Asked by AlekseyK on 2020-06-10

Asked her as well: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1247968/ubuntu-freezes-after-resume-from-suspend-hibernate-in-10-15-sec

Bought new laptop - [Dell Latitude-5501][1] with Ubuntu 18.04.4. Works fine, however the only problem exists: after I close laptop cover or after some time of inactivity Ubuntu suspends or hibernate (do not know). After I resume it, it starts to work but in 10-15 sec Ubuntu freezes and I forced to power-off.

Tried many things mentioned here:

- blacklist nouveau
- install older kernel - 4.14.41
- update to newer - 4.18 or latest 5.3 kernel
- switch to proprietary nvidia driver (was installed by default)
- install `lightdm` instead of `gdm3`
- dell software had run some recent firmware upgrade
- etc

Nothing work - it still freezes and it is impossible to work. The only suggestion I did not tried yet: install kubuntu and then original nvidia driver from manufacturer site. Do not know however if it affects warranty? ;) Any ideas how to solve, how to diagnose? Thanks!

System, hardware and security logs during suspend/resume attached (original 4.15 kernel):

- [System.log](https://pastebin.com/0Ttnu7T9)
- [Security.log](https://pastebin.com/Wme1y1wM)
- [Hardware.log](https://pastebin.com/ujUS5Ce4)

Logs for 4.18 kernel are slightly different:

- [System_4.18.log](https://pastebin.com/WVNXiFdA)
- [Hardware_4.18.log](https://pastebin.com/RphtPj0w)
- [Software_4.18.log](https://pastebin.com/CwypQ4VF)
- [Security_4.18.log](https://pastebin.com/VV2ck2un)

  [1]: https://www.dell.com/ru/business/p/latitude-15-5501-laptop/pd

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Do you have the latest BIOS?

AlekseyK (tantrido) said : #2

Of course, as I mentioned above Dell installed latest automatically.

What is the output of:

sudo dmidecode -t 1


AlekseyK (tantrido) said : #4

$ sudo dmidecode -t 1

# dmidecode 3.1
Getting SMBIOS data from sysfs.
SMBIOS 3.2.1 present.
# SMBIOS implementations newer than version 3.1.1 are not
# fully supported by this version of dmidecode.

Handle 0x0001, DMI type 1, 27 bytes
System Information
 Manufacturer: Dell Inc.
 Product Name: Latitude 5501
 Version: Not Specified
 Serial Number: B22N3X2
 UUID: 4C4C4544-0032-3210-804E-C2C04F335832
 Wake-up Type: Power Switch
 SKU Number: 0919
 Family: Latitude

AlekseyK (tantrido) said : #6

But how to installe it? It is exe - Windows which I have not. I run some Dell BIOS update from Linux, however do not remember how I did it.

AlekseyK (tantrido) said : #8

Ubuntu Software Management have some Dell BIOS update today including POWER management system - updating... Will report results here.

AlekseyK (tantrido) said : #9

Thanks for the link, however I see Ubuntu Software Management installs exactly mentioned BIOS version - 1.9.1, so I won't flash exe manually. This Dell-Ubuntu software update automation excites of course!

AlekseyK (tantrido) said : #10

Hurray!!! Seems BIOS upgrade works!!! Resumed without a problem! Thanks much!

AlekseyK (tantrido) said : #11

Thanks actionparsnip, that solved my question.

Strange isn't it. BIOS updates are important

AlekseyK (tantrido) said : #13

No :( helped only partially. When laptop went on suspend by 20 min timeout it freezes after resume again. So not solved!

AlekseyK (tantrido) said : #14

Now freezes after cover open as well, so not solved at all!

Bernard Stafford (bernard010) said : #15


You may try pressing the (Fn) key or (Enter) key.

AlekseyK (tantrido) said : #16

Problem is that it resumes ok and then freezes in 10-15 sec. Your link describes situation when it does not resume at all.

AlekseyK (tantrido) said : #18

Solved by fresh Ubuntu 20.04 install: https://askubuntu.com/a/1248893/130585

The only problem remained: artifacts on the screen after resume. How to solve?

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