ubuntu-drivers allows me to install bad drivers (yes, a certain degree of PEBKAC exists!) (Kubuntu 20.04 LTS / 5.4.0-33.37-generic 5.4.34 )

Asked by Elroy Liddington

Ubuntu-drivers allows installation of (nvidia-340) drivers, which are broken/break things.

Allowing ( :-P ) ubuntu-drivers to install nvidia-340 results in no GUI on reboot, only console available.
X does appear to be running, but only a black screen.

5.4.0-33.37-generic 5.4.34

root@XXXXX# ubuntu-drivers list
ERROR:root:No "nvidia-dkms-340" can be found.

1) Expected action - running 'ubuntu-drivers' lists NO drivers being available, as allowing drivers to be installed that the installer seems(?) to know are broken/will break things, is illogical.

2) Improvements - I had access to terminal (Ctrl-Alt Fxxx).
Why is there not an 'uninstall' option for ubuntu-drivers?

root@XXX# ubuntu-drivers

Available commands:
   list: Show all driver packages which apply to the current system.
   list-oem: Show all OEM enablement packages which apply to this system
   devices: Show all devices which need drivers, and which packages apply to them.
   install: Install drivers that are appropriate for your hardware.
   debug: Print all available information and debug data about drivers.

Solved problem by reinstall (later research showed that " apt-get purge *nvidia* " may have rolled-back changes, however " ubuntu-drivers uninstall nvidia-340 " would be a LOT more user-friendly).

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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

I suggest you report a bug

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Elroy Liddington (unclown.nz) said :

#1 - Thanks, still getting familiar with launchpad - bug report done :-)

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