ubuntu 20.04 upgrading from minimal server version to desktop full version

Asked by Gerard on 2020-05-31

Hello i rented a server that comes preinstalled with UBUNTU 20.04 MINIMAL SERVER VERSION ......
I want to know how to UPGRADE to UBUNTU 20.04 FULL DESKTOP VERSION WITH MEDIA PACKAGES (from the minimal server version).... THANK YOU

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Please don't post on all caps. It's harder to read and looks like you are SHOUTING. SO DON'T

If you run:

sudo apt install lxde

You will have a lightweight desktop OS which leaves more resources for your services. Why do you want a desktop OS.

You can install the media packages with:

sudo apt install lubuntu-restricted-extras

Is the server in Azure or Digital Ocean or similar by any chance?

Gerard (gegeolder) said : #3

Sorry , i wont post caps .... The thing is i am very new to ubuntu 2 weeks of using it , i rented a server from germany and they have preinstalled ubuntu server 20.04.... i dont know how to use the server version but i tried the desktop version and was able to do what i wanted .... i want to remote desktop the server to control it ... so i want to be able to upgrade from the minimal version to full desktop version .... i have no clue what is Azure or Digital Ocean... I dont want to install lubuntu ....i succeeded to install the desktop sort of with sudo install desktop ( approximatly).... but it was messy i realised that it wasn t the same as the full desktop version....
Please can you help or advise , i just want to be able to upgrade the version to full Desktop experience .... like a regular desktop....please advice?

I use this with digital ocean. You can use VNC to the desktop using an SSH tunnel


Just change:

startxfce4 &


startlxde &

What are you planning on doing on the remote desktop? There may be a sleeker solution to what you want to do

LXDE is a "regular desktop". Why is it not?

Gerard (gegeolder) said : #6

ii want to install and use plex and handbrake , i only know how to use gnome desktop ( i think it s called like this) i know i can do it with the server version but typing in the terminal is very complex for me ..... but i tried ubuntu 20.04 the server desktop version and it was like sailing very nice..... but i think the desktop was gnome.... i prefer it?

Gerard (gegeolder) said : #7

Thanks by the way for taking your time to answer

If you have used Windows then you can use LXDE. If you want the Ubuntu desktop then install the "Ubuntu-desktop" package but I hope your server has quite a bit of RAM.

Handbrake can be installed as below

sudo apt install ubuntu-desktop

Will give what you expect. If the RAM in the system is low then I suggest LXDE so that the desktop impacts the OS less. The high RAM use (if the system you have is low on RAM) may affect the performance of Plex so what you prefer may have to take a back seat if the heavier system makes the system struggle to do its tasks at a reasonable rate

Gerard (gegeolder) said : #11

Thank you , my server has 64gb ram , it s a good server, i wanted to be sure to upgrade to desktop.....
Thanks for the answer.....take care

Gerard (gegeolder) said : #12

Thanks actionparsnip, that solved my question.