how do i delete a panel? how do i auto-hide a panel? (focal kubuntu)

Asked by gregrwm on 2020-05-16

in focal kde/kubuntu, how do i:
  > auto-hide a panel?
  > delete a widget?
  > delete a panel?
thank you..

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Right-Click the taskbar, Select "Configure Panel". Once you're there, select "Hiding". Select the options you want from there... Maybe?

gregrwm (gregrwm) said : #2

thank you, but...
is there a way to attach a screenshot here?
when i rightclick on the taskbar i get:
   Configure Task Manager...
   Show Alternatives...
   Add Widgets...
   Add Panel...
   Edit Panel...
rightclicking elsewhere on the panel gives differing menus, but never including "Configure Panel"

and/or how might i launch a panel config app via commandline?

Use imageshack or similar

gregrwm (gregrwm) said : #4

i don't see how imageshack would help me auto-hide a panel, delete a widget, or delete a panel.

It answers your question

is there a way to attach a screenshot here?

Does it not?

gregrwm (gregrwm) said : #6

but, umm, how to i attach anything here, via imageshack or not?

and of course still hoping to answer the OP

Well yeah. I know this. YOU wanted to post a screenshot so I'm advising how. This doesn't fix anything except getting a screenshot on the thread.... Is this clearer?

When you use imageshack or similar, a text based URL will be created. Post the URL as an update so we can click the link and see the image

gregrwm (gregrwm) said : #8

ok here's a screenshot of what i get when i rightclick on the taskbar:
(see comment #2)

OK click "edit panel" is there anything useful in there?

gregrwm (gregrwm) said : #10

after i click "edit panel", and then hover the mouse in the lower right corner, it looks like this:

but i don't see what to do next. it doesn't seem like "Add Widgets...", "Activities...", or "Configure Desktop..." have anything to offer toward auto-hiding a panel, deleting widgets, or deleting a panel. The "Configure Panel..." that shows up on hovering in the lower right corner looks promising, but, how does it work? Clicking there doesn't do anything.

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