gnome internet radio stops when screen goes blank

Asked by Jean-Marie PIVETEAU on 2020-03-20

My Ubuntu version is 18.04 (fresh install more than one year ago)

I installed the "Internet Radio" Gnome shell extension a few days ago.

a) automatic locking is OFF.
b) automatic screen blanking is ON after 5 minutes. So after 5 minutes of inactivity "Internet Radio" stops because the screen is blanked after 5 minutes.

For me this is not normal because radio should continue to play even if the screen goes blank.

I did not find any setting which could change this behaviour.

I found at a very similar post: GNOME extension “Internet Radio” not working while session locked
It is possible there is some confusion about screen locking and screen blanking: they can be paired but that is not always the case like in my question here.

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How did you install the extension please? What steps did you take?

I clicked the following: Dock / Ubuntu software / Add-ons / Shell extensions

Thank you , but I know this link (please re-read my question).

Locking is OFF on my computer.

Screen blanking is set to 5 minutes.

Internet radio stops when screen blanks (after 5 minutes in my case).

Bernard Stafford (bernard010) said : #5

When screen blanking is on. That is the GNOME Security feature when screen is blank (& or) screen is locked by Default.
This is part of the power management system. You can set the screen blanking to "Never" this disables the blanking completely.
The blank screen option is for power saving, ie, laptop battery. This works in conjunction with automatically suspend when idle.
Screen lock is part of the privacy settings.
user & system settings -> power & battery -> power saving settings
Thank You


So you say that, regardless of screen locking (which anyway is OFF on my pc), when the screen is blanked (say after 5 minutes in my case) the Internet radio must be cut off because there is a security problem.

Please explain clearly where is the security problem ?

I don' t understand where it is.

Before installing this shell extension I used to listen to an internet radio using Firefox and when the screen goes blank automatically the radio continues to play. I wanted to have the same functionality using this shell extension which is more easy to control than a Firefox tab...

Bernard Stafford (bernard010) said : #8

Just change the screen blanking drop down box from 5 minutes to never, Problem solved.
Their is no security problem that is just the name of the default feature in the OS Ubuntu.
Default being incorporated within the entire OS Ubuntu.
Thank You

Bernard Stafford (bernard010) said : #9

Screen locking and screen blanking can not be paired together they are in 2 different areas.
 privacy settings - screen lock // power settings - screen blanking

No idea. It’s just something I found online. You could report a bug I guess.

@Bernard: no, because I do want to be able to listen to the radio when the screen blanks (this is useful when doing other activities near from the pc but not looking to the screen and in these circumstances I want to save energy).

"Screen locking and screen blanking can not be paired together they are in 2 different areas.": yes I perfectly understand this.

@actionparsnip: I did also found this link askubuntu (I wrote it in my initial question), but before to add a comment to it I preferred to ask a question at the Launchpad, because I noticed that askubuntu did not answer my problem because I am not concerned by the screen locking.

For me this is a bug. What do you think ?

I'd say it was a bug

Bernard Stafford (bernard010) said : #13

I agree- I did a quick bug search : none the same.
Be sure to include which version of Gnome you have on Ubuntu 18.04.

I created the bug.

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