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Asked by Monty on 2020-02-14

I have an old laptop that was running XP, decided to get it up and running with Ubuntu to see if it is good enough to convert my Win7 computers as well. As the laptop is old I installed "Mint" that caused a few lockups I got rid of that. Had a further look and found "Lumbuntu" designed for older computers I installed it but not the new upto date edition. (just wanted to see if it would work).
Well its working, maybe not the smooth working that I'm used to with Windows. I am NOT a geek so am having great problems understanding a lot of differences, one major one is how on earth do you add programs to the system. I am looking to install a firewall and find a Freecell game. One major problem I am finding is the way things are explained, If things were made easier for the less informed maybe lots more people would ditch Windows and move over to Ubuntu.
At the moment I don't see the advantage of ditching my Win 7 system.


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If you want to install software you can use the Lubuntu Software Centre. It's great

Press CTRL + ALT + T and run:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:lubuntu-desktop/ppa && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install lubuntu-software-center

Type your password (You will get no feedback) and then you can run the Lubuntu Software Centre from the menus


Monty (have-retired) said : #2

Well did everything as above, I copied and pasted the instruction. below is the response I got.

Error reading Not Found'


What is the output of:

lsb_release -a; uname -a


Monty (have-retired) said : #4

Sorry haven't a clue what you are talking about.

What I did.
highlighted the sudo etc to center, went to edit, copied the whole lot that was highlighted. pressed the CTRL +alt+t themn pasted the highlighted lot into the small black window, pressed return, it asked for my password, entered it although it didn't show any info when I did this pressed return again, another message came up saying press enter to continue or CTRL to cancel. pressed enter again to continue next message that came up was the bit about "not found"
I really would like to give this a go but it looks as if this will be a fruitless mission.


Copy the command I gave and paste to the terminal. You won't need your password as sudo is not being used. Copy the output and paste as an update on your question

Monty (have-retired) said : #6

Went to system tools there was LXterminal (is that the one) opened it and entered your first instruction by copy and paste, it then asked for my user password!! then back to the error.


Manfred Hampl (m-hampl) said : #7

@actionparsnip: Have you read the comments in the page that you linked
Apparently ppa:lubuntu-desktop/ppa is dead (last release was yakkety, the ppa is marked as private). Your advice is outdated.

If you are running Lubuntu, then you should look at
There is a good user manual and the details that you are looking for (installing additional software) is chapter 4

Open the program "discover", and you should be able to find a freecell-type card game.

Maybe you need to read through first, to know how to navigate on the screen.

Monty (have-retired) said : #8

Will have a look at the manual and try again before finally giving up for now. If no success will possibly go back to Xp. I know its years out of date and all updates ceased years ago, but as I just use this laptop to browse the web I'll have to take the gamble.

 My desktop runs win7 that also is end of life but would prefer that to Win10. By the way I brought a Win10 laptop three years ago but only have used it a few times. My colour laser doesn't work on w10 neither does my scanner, I am not going to keep buying new things that work perfectly well just because Microsoft keep changing their rules.
I might revisit Ubuntu when its more user friendly, but I don't have the years in the future to wait too long.


What do you use the system for?

Bernard Stafford (bernard010) said : #10 Xubuntu small fast with a complete office program using the full version. Live USB to try or install.
Lubuntu Is another excellent choice.

The easiest way to make a live bootable USB OS.

Download the OS .iso file and put it on a USB with etcher. Works every time. You will have to go to the BIOS.
Press F10 or F12 when the mfg. logo screen appears. Security section of BIOS Disable Fast Boot and Secure Boot
Save and Exit. The prompts are on the BIOS Screen. Insert the USB and restart computer.

I never understood the Balena thing. Its 130Mb when Rufus is about 20Mb. It's huge

Monty (have-retired) said : #13

Slowly getting somewhere. Had a look at the manual chapter 4 that Manfred suggested. The manual says Lubuntu is shipped with Discover 5.16.4. Had a look on my system at location system tools- discover and there is no sight of it. It looks as if it was not shipped with my edition of Lubuntu.

So another edition is called for. Now a bit more help is asked for. My laptop is a IBM thinkpad M Pentium 1.86 GHz. Ram 2gig. What would be the best operating system to use. Or can I keep with a newer issue of Lubuntu I currently use 18.04.4 LTS

Thanks for the help so far.


Manfred Hampl (m-hampl) said : #14

If you can't find discover in your list of software, then use the runner ( ).
Press alt-F2 and type "software" (without quotes)
What do you get as response? Is there an application named "gnome-software" or "ubuntu-software" listed?
If yes, click on it.

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