The screen starts inverted

Asked by Francisco Javier Jimenez Murcia on 2020-01-11

I've just installed Ubuntu (19.10) in my laptop and the screen starts inverted, and the cursor moves the other way it is supposed to move (i.e. I move the mouse to the left and the cursor goes right; I move the mouse up and the cursor goes down). When I turn on my PC, the word "ubuntu" appears in the correct position and after that the screen with the user name and the password is shown inverted.

After running in terminal "xrandr -o normal" everything works fine, but every time I start my computer it is inverted again (as If I executed "xrandr -o inverted"). I've tried using Startup Applications, creating a new one with the instruction "xrandr -o normal", but nothing happens and only works if I write it in terminal. I've created a shortcut to avoid writing it every time I need.

How can I fix it so the screen automatically fits normal?

By the way, it's my first time using Linux (I had only used Windows XP and Windows 7 before), and it has happened always this way, never has started in the "normal" orientation, since I installed Ubuntu last week.

Thank you very much.

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I forgot saying that my laptop in not a tactile one, so it has no accelerometer. If also tried locking and unlocking the auto-rotation option, and nothing happens.

Bernard Stafford (bernard010) said : #2

 Click Orientation in the panel and choose from Landscape, Portrait Right, Portrait Left, or Landscape (flipped).

Display & Screen Settings

User & System Settings

I do not have these options in Display & Screen Settings. I can only choose resolution:

Bernard Stafford (bernard010) said : #4

System menu
User menu

Click the system menu in the top-right corner to manage your system settings and your computer.

When you leave your computer, you can lock your screen to prevent other people from using it. You can also quickly switch users without logging out completely to give somebody else access to the computer, or you can suspend or power off the computer from the menu. If you have a screen that supports vertical or horizontal rotation, you can quickly rotate the screen from the system menu. If your screen does not support rotation, you will not see the button.

    Learn more about switching users, logging out, and turning off your computer.

Thank you very much, bernard, but I've also tried this and doesn't work. I might installed ubuntu improperly, so I'll install it again. If I have some news, I'll report them here.

I re-installed Ubuntu 19.10 and the screeen was still upside down.
Then I tried Ubuntu 18.04 and everything works fine!