Ubuntu 8.10 to 9.04 Upgrade failed. Please help...

Asked by blackfalcon03 on 2009-04-25

Hi Friends,

I am facing a big trouble in Upgarding from 8.10 to 9.04.

It started of as a normal upgrade using the upgrade manager. Even though I faced some trouble downloading the packages because of loss of internet connection, I was able to continue from where I left out, when I tried the upgrade again.
Once the packages are downloaded it started installing the packages one by one. Everything was going fine until the PC shutdown itself for no reason. I was really confused what happened as i did not really see it happening.

Now when I boot the PC, it loads the GRUB Loader. I was surprised to see only the 8.10 version entries in the GRUB menu list. However when I selected the latest entry i got the 9.04 splash screen and the login screen also resembled the 9.04 login. Once i entered my credentials, it took me to a blank screen- No icons, No taskbar, nothing....

I am able to start the terminal window with the shortcut key i had set earlier while using the 8.10 version. And using the terminal I can start browsers and applications required. However I could not get the internet connection also(I connect from a Wireless router). I am sure that the upgrade did not succeed before the PC went down, but not sure on how to repair my system with 9.04 in complete working condition.

Could you please help me...........

For your information I faced a similar problem while upgrading from 8.04 to 8.10. During that period I got some commands that could redo the upgrade step by step through the terminal from the forums. The upgrade still had minor problems but i was able to fix it in due course.

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Terry Worton (t-worton) said : #1

I had a similar issue with the grub menu, although I did get icons and limited functionality. I resolved mine by doing a fresh install from CD selecting manual partitioning (my home directory is on a separate partition).

I am not sure with Jaunty, but with earlier versions it was possible to install without reformatting so that if the home directory was not on a separate partition it would still be preserved.

Hope this helps.

Navneet (navneet-ts) said : #2

Hey BlackFalcon!


Before you try and reinstall the system, can you just try to reconfigure the xserver package. Use the command 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg'. Might be a problem with the xserver not detecting the monitor etal.

blackfalcon03 (arunthomas555) said : #3

Hi Friends,

Thanks a lot for the suggestions... I dont know how successful my attempt was but i was able to put the whole thing back in working condition again.

I started of in Recovery mode and installed the GRUB. That fixed the GRUB loader. Next I did a recovery on the Packages with dpkg. Once done My machine was working as normal as usual. I am not sure if all the new 9.04 packages are active and working fine but I havent noticed any problems yet... So I guess my machine is back in action...

Thanks a lot for all your help....