Kernel Panic on Thinkpad X1-Extreme-Gen2 on Ubuntu 19.10

Asked by Hamish Marson on 2019-10-09

After updating an Ubuntu 19.04 installation (Brand new) a subsequent update to 19.10 results in a system that panics on boot

Same panic occurs when attempting an install of 19.10 from current ISO via USB stick

Kernel is 5.3.0-13-generic

Have photo of panic including Call trace. The Call trace ends up in tpm_read_log_efi

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I suggest you report a bug. Eoan is not ready and not stable. It most likely won't be stable even a few weeks after release.

I suggest you report a bug

Hamish Marson (travellingkiwi) said : #2

yes, I appreciate (Quite fully) that Eoan is not released & stable. I have opened and linked a bug (#1847540 - You can see it linked above under 'Related Bugs').

Hamish Marson (travellingkiwi) said : #3

Awaiting progress on bug report. Have also replicated same or similar crash on other distros with kernel 5.2 or 5.3

shivaa (shivaa95) said : #4

Hello, could you tell me if you're having an error message or an error code ?

Best Sarowar Alam (sarowar-cse) said : #5

Can you try kernel 5.3.0-17.18 or higher? Seems like it's the same bug as which is already fixed in 5.3.0-17.18.

Hamish Marson (travellingkiwi) said : #6

Thanks Sarowar Alam, that solved my question.

Hamish Marson (travellingkiwi) said : #7

Success. Thanks. A known bug with a fix via 5.3.0-18 (I guess it came through in the last few days? Previous kernel before updating today was 5.3.0-17