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Asked by Chris Martin on 2009-04-21

Can someone give me a list of some advantages and disadvantages of using Fedora?

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Craig Huffstetler (xq) said : #1

Here's a great article on the upcoming releases of both (a comparison of the betas) which I recently read:

Here are some generic articles about Ubuntu VS. Fedora: (This is side by side and often referred to by users...) However, it is slightly out of date. A lot of this can be "heatedly" debated. Actually, any kind of comparison between distributions can start a flame war if you aren't careful. You should choose a distribution that suits you and your needs more than anything.

What I can tell you is to head on over to and download the LiveCDs of Ubuntu or Fedora and try them out yourself. Fedora has an entirely different package management system. It also does not come with the "restricted" or "non-free" codecs (you must install these yourself). Again, it's based on user choice. Try them out and see what you like -- I really think that's what the LiveCDs are for. Or even if you install, you can always install another on another partition and when you make up your mind, wipe one and resize the other partition for the full space.



Chris Martin (chrism4162) said : #2


Craig Huffstetler (xq) said : #3


I am just saying every distribution is different and is meant to fit *your* needs. So, what do you need? If you can give us some examples or some basic needs of yours maybe we can help. But this is the Ubuntu Answers forum after all. :)

Perhaps your question is better suited for the Fedora Forums? Or a generic Linux board? Hopefully some others will chime in here, but generally other distributions will have different things that you will watch out for (and may or may not like) such as:

- Release cycle times (rolling releases or set release cycle times).
- Very stable or bleeding edge?
- Package management. Do you like apt, yum or another package management system. Does it matter to you?
- Do you have an older machine or a newer machine?
- Do you like having a lot of packages/applications at your fingertips (like in Debian/Ubuntu)? Fedora/RH/CentOS/OpenSUSE have quite a few less.
- Do you like being able to use media codecs and have Medibuntu repositories? Do you like being able to have NVidia/ATI drivers easily available upon installation? Fedora is known for its "free only" philosophy. While Ubuntu will search for the codecs to download for mpegs/mp3s, for example, Fedora will require you to find the proper codecs to play mp3s. We also have Medibuntu repos which even allow you to play/convert/"archive" DVDs and .wmv files.

Something else worth checking out: (it will try to match a distro to fit *your* needs based on questions and tell you why...)
It was just updated this week! :)

Tom (tom6) said : #4

Yep checking DistroWatch and trying out LiveCd's seems the best plan. The LiveCds are just the normal install ones but choose the (usually default) option to "Try without changes" or whatever. If you really like it then installing to a spare partition. 15Gb is probably about the largest size you'd need for this, usually a lot smaller. I have a 1Gb partition for trying out some of the tiny distros)

good luck and regards from
Tom :)

Chris Martin (chrism4162) said : #5

I got everything i needed.