SMB network share list excludes those using 'access based share enumeration'

Asked by Sean McBride

I have a FreeNAS 11.2-U3 server running samba 4.9.4. It serves multiple SMB shares. Some shares are limited using 'access based share enumeration = yes'(1) so they aren't even visible to those users that don't have access to it (i.e. user 'bob' does not even know 'SecretShare' exists, as opposed to being merely unable to authenticate against it).

From Ubuntu 18.04's GUI, if I open the "Files" app and go to "Other Locations", I see my FreeNAS. If I double click it, it then lists *some* of my FreeNAS shares. Specifically, it lists those where I didn't use 'access based share enumeration = yes'. Note that it has not asked me to authenticate yet, so I guess that makes some sense. But even after I authenticate, and let it remember my password, then go back to Other Locations>FreeNAS, it still doesn't show the other shares. In fact I can't find any way to see the other shares. Is there?

Contrast this with macOS Finder. If I navigate to my FreeNAS in the share list, it doesn't show *any* shares until I authenticate, then it shows all shares that the user has access to.


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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

What file system are you using in the NAS storage?

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Sean McBride (seanmcb) said :

ZFS (the only choice on FreeNAS really).

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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

Can you not mount SSHFS / SFTP instead of Samba or is the client a Windows PC?

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Sean McBride (seanmcb) said :

The client is Ubuntu 18.04, the server is FeeeNAS. There are of course other clients. We have some employees using Mac, some Windows, some Ubuntu. SMB is the default file sharing protocol of both Windows and macOS, which is 80% of our office. As such, we want to standardize on that one protocol.

Your suggestion of "don't use SMB" is appreciated, but not the kind of solution I'm looking for. :) I'm 90% sure this is just a limitation/bug in Ubuntu, but came to ask here first before filing a bug report.

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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

I suggest you post on a FreeNAS forum as well. SSHFS/SFTP is secure and will appear as a network folder in the file manager. If you use SFTP or Samba it will look the same in the file system and to the user.
SMB is not default in Windows. It uses CIFS.

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Sean McBride (seanmcb) said :

I posted on the FreeNAS forum before coming here. Someone else confirmed the same behaviour:

I'm familiar with SSHFS/SFTP, but my question is not about them.

CIFS vs SMB is a terminology confusion, but in most usage, it refers to the old SMB1 protocol, which is certainly not the default in current Windows.

Again, I'm posting here before filing a bug (per guidelines), in the hopes of getting someone to confirm/deny that I'm not just using it wrong. :)

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