8.10 and future upgrades

Asked by emeraldgirl08 on 2009-04-20

I have the 8.10 disc and am ready to install it via Wubi.

The things is- 9.04 is coming out in three days and I've already pre-ordered it. Will I be able to install my 8.10 and upgrade to 9.04 easily? What steps do I take for this? Even if someone posts a link to answer my question I'd really really appreciate it!

Thank you.

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Rajkumar.R (rraj-be) said : #1

Its better to wait for another 3 days.

It requires a huge download of updates, [mostly higher than ISO of 9.04] to updatefrom 8.10.

So you can download a 9.04 ISO on 23 Apr.

Rafik Ouerchefani (rafik) said : #2


If you pre-ordered a Live CD, I'd advise you to wait for it as it will be useless to upgrade a 8.10 installation.
If you install 8.10 you will have to either do a network upgrade - which will download a lot of packages to your hard disk to replace the old ones - or download a cd (called Alternate CD) and do the upgrades with it.


emeraldgirl08 (msprinnydancer) said : #3

Sheesh. And I downloaded 8.04 all afternoon today.

I did it for the LTR (long term release) designation of Hardy. I guess it really doesn't matter now. I'll wait for 9.04 and install that version!

So when i install the 9.04; six months later I'll need to pre-order 9.10 to update? Or will all the updates I'll be doing for 9.04 online equal the 9.10 release.

Tom (tom6) said : #4

Lol, i say install now! Lol, you've got it so why wait? The servers will be very slow from heavy traffic over the next week or perhaps even more so i'm not even going to try to upgrade until about 2 weeks time. 8.10 still has 1 year support with all the repositories and everything going on for another year so as long as you upgrade by then there should be no problem. Upgrading should be easy, once the rush is over. I might start downloading via a torrent and maybe when it finishes i might try upgrading from that. But there's no need to rush!

I would tho recommend that you install Ubuntu properly. The Wubi is just meant for temporary use as a demo of Ubuntu but you can get that from just booting up from the Cd and follow the default menu option to "Try Ubuntu without making changes to my machine". It is a little slower this way but at least it doesn't have to rely on Windows systems in order to work. If you have problems with it then ask us how to fix them before installing! lol. Most people don't have any problems, just put the cd in the drive and then switch the machine off and on again. This link might help if you don't get to the menu

And then a guide on the proper dual-boot install ...

It seems like a lot more hassle this way but it is well worth the effort and saves you from having to go through twice the hassle later!

Good luck and regards from
Tom :)

PS something great about linux is that there are soo many choices, you can really try things out so many different ways and even then configure everything to suit yourself the best. Of course only 1 way is the right way lol, and that's your own way

MaXo (mahmood-188) said : #5

9.04 support time is a year and a half.
if you "must" upgrade to 9.10 that time you have to do a network upgrade.
and, no 9.04 updates won't equal 9.10 :)


Tom (tom6) said : #6

lol, 8.04 is better in many ways than 9.04 is going to be. It does have LTS which 9.04 doesn't, which means you will have to upgrade 9.04 a lot sooner than the 8.04. Corporate deployments of 8.04 will keep almost all their machines on 8.04 purely for the LTS. The next LTS is due in 2010 with 10.04 due for release in the 4th month (hence the numbering;) )

I do have a machine with 8.04 and have no intention of 'upgrading' it to something that has less support. I will upgrade the 8.10 tho ;) but only after the rush!

Try the 8.04 as a Cd "Try without changes", if it gets you to a working desktop then we call it a "LiveCd session". If you like it then have a go at the proper install

at worst it'll mean that you'll be ready for trying the 9.04 (as a LiveCd session first) if you choose to try that :) Relax. We all have our own opinions and we all think we know "the right way" but one of the whole points of linux is the freedom to find your own "best way". We all have different hardware and different ways of using the machine. Diversity brings interesting ideas and creates happy accidents :)

Good luck and have fun :)
Regards from
Tom :)

emeraldgirl08 (msprinnydancer) said : #7

Okay. I hate to sound newbie.

*kicks at dirt*

I tried the 8.04 in my Thinkpad and there was no wireless signal and no sound (the icon had a mark through it). I also tried the 8.10 and the sound was there and the wireless was detected.

Can I configure 8.04 from the liveCD? I hate to install it and find out I can't get the wireless to work and have issues with sound. The LTS is a deal wrapper for me if it works.

Best Tom (tom6) said : #8

lol, there's nothing wrong with being a noob. Sometimes it's the most fun :)
Hmmm, so the 8.10 works easily and the 8.04 doesn't? lol, i would go with the 8.10 then?

Yes you can try fixing the 8.04 even on the LiveCd session but when you install it you will need to apply whatever you found that fixed the LiveCd. If that means using a downloaded package then i would save the package to the Windows side so that i could get to it after the install had been done. Alternatively you could install 8.04 and then reboot into the 8.10 LiveCd, download and save the package into 8.04 on the harddrive but this second way sounds messy - and i would probably accidentally save into the document or desktop folder on the LiveCd which would instantly forget the file as soon as i shutdown lol. Yes i have done this a few times ;)

I would post the two separate issues as separate questions in here (and maybe other places, if we were slow to respond)
For the sound maybe this guide might help?

Another way, and i am sure this i cheating but hey, if it works ;) Install the 8.10 and then use a trick to install 8.04 over the top. It might not work in which case use the same trick to put 8.10 back on (or completely reinstall). The trick is to choose "Manual Partitioning" about halfway through the install. Make sure all the partitions are UNticked in the "Format Partitions?" column and also right-click on the Ubuntu partition so that you can "Edit" the "Mount Point" to "/". The / mark shows the installer where to put Ubuntu.

If this is a bit baffling don't worry, just ask. Windows took most of us years to learn and is usually installed by a team of experts with considerable help from the hardware manufacturer's. I've only been using Ubuntu a few months and already know more than i knew about Windows, at least all of this installing part anyway.

Really i would just go with the 8.10 and not worry about upgrading for a few months until i had worked out a lot more about Ubuntu lol and then i would probably go back to 8.04 anyway lol

Good luck and regards from
Tom :)

Tom (tom6) said : #9

Definitely the proper install though

The Wubi is just for tourists and is more tricky apart from the install part. i dunno, when i visit another country i try to get away from the main airport/coach park quite fast. If i wait around there i tend to find my keys, phone, camera and pocket money start trying to go missing but just 5mins away people are really friendly and helpful. the Wubi is great & does it's best but it's stuck in the airport.

Thank you so much Tom.

I love the idea of tricking the install procedure! I'm going to save that portion of the reply! I do like the fact that 8.10 works well with my laptop and the 8.04 is LTS.

This calls for a new name (ie. hardy heron, intrepid ibex, etc.) for my version!


Tom (tom6) said : #11

Hi :)

Have you been able to test the new Ubuntu 10.04 before it gets officially released?
Trying it as a LiveCd or as an extra dual/multi-boot would be ideal. Developers and everyone are keen to try to iron out any problems before 10.04 gets officially released so you might find faster & more effective answers to your bug reports which would make 10.04 work better on your system for you

Thanks and regards from
Tom :)