How to allot more sapce the home directory i using dual booting with 40 GB out which 25 GB earmarked for Ubuntu

Asked by jayaveladvocate on 2009-04-20

Sir i am using ubuntu in 40 GB harddisk using Webunir and live CD , the problem is now the entire disk space alloted to Ubuntu has not been completely used. But i am not able down load as it says there is no sufficient diskspace. The System monitor show the space of about 13 GB is free, how to make use of it please help me

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Craig Huffstetler (xq) said : #1

If you want to re-do partition sizes, you will need to boot from a LiveCD (such as your Ubuntu Live CD).

Now, start the graphic session and then started GParted.

This allows you to resize your disks and partition space. You can't do this while actively using the mounted partitions in Ubuntu. This is why you have to use the LiveCD (or any distrobution LiveCD for that matter -- like SystemRescueCD). You can read more about this on if you want. I recommend using Ubuntu LiveCD for now.

After you get into Ubuntu LiveCD, go ahead and go to System > Administration > Partition Editor
OR, alternatively, you can open a terminal (Applications > Accessories > Terminal) and type:

From here you can edit your partition table using this Graphical Interface. You can make changes, resize, etc.

Please print out and read this guide:

I don't want you to loose any data. :)



Craig Huffstetler (xq) said : #2

You may also want to clear up disk space. Make sure to empty your recycle bin.

Also, on the command-line/terminal (Applications > Accessories > Terminal) in Ubuntu issue these commands:

sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get autoclean

This will help clean your system.

Thank you i have scavenged it lot now i shall try live cd