Love the product ! I decided to dedicate my hard drive to ubuntu and need help in the partitioning stage...desperate please help!

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 A friend said that the swap file should be the major portion of the drive ...what else do I need to set aside? what is the difference in all the file types? he has 12 I need to partition that many as well? what is essential? please help Thank You...

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I am currently at the : stage...I have a blank slate and don't want to screw it up...ha...ha...
                                      /dev/sda - GParted

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peter (peter-neuweiler) said :

Install Ubuntu from the CD. Make a normal installation and everything will be ok. If you have only Ubuntu, it can use the whole disc. If you have Windows too, have a look at:

Hope it helps.

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  Hello Peter..I did install from the computer was so corrupted in windows that I downloaded the HDD manufacturers disk utility and wiped it clean before I loaded the ubuntu CD ...went through all the set up so far ,and now have arrived at the GParted stage where is shows a unnallocated 149G hard drive that needs partitioning in order to continue...I you mean when it asks me how I want to partition the disk to follow "guided" instead of "manual"? ...I am sorry I did not mention that this is the second full time around this process and I chose "guided" last time and all I kept receiving were error messages that the "disk was full" on every set up manuever I attempted....I am pretty much a numbskull on the "terminology" aspect of Linux based softwares(probably the most important aspect!) but I am trying and have been for about a week now...losing patience a little now....

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Does any one out there know any recommended essential partition "template" or the like... that I can just mirror, mimic, imitate, copy, emulate etc...that would suit a 160 gig HDD?

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peter (peter-neuweiler) said :

I hope you will get a wise answer.

I wonder. Because I thought if Windows is installed too, Ubuntu will recognize this and will recommend a way to go. Liek it's written in

Hope, you will find a way. Good luck.

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Steve (stupendoussteve-deactivatedaccount) said :

First off, swap does not have to be a significant portion of the drive. 1x-2x your ram is a reasonable size.

If you're new and/or lazy, you can make an entire partition and mount it as /. It is an easy way to go and works fine. You could also put /var, or /home on seperate partitions for safety reasons if you're worried. I would say 12 partitions is way too much and I could see it causing some space issues.

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I have been reading forum questions a while and believe I have found the answers I seek ! thank you everyone for you knowledge and time ..I look forward to entering this new and wonderful community !