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Asked by peter ratcliffe on 2019-02-11

You guys do a brilliant job but I am finding it difficult to form a question to address the problem with which I need help. Does the Linux family have a help facility by telephone, or better still face to face. I don't expect this to be free.

With kind regards, Peter Ratcliffe

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If you just type what your issue is then we may be able to assist. Use casual language if you like.

peter ratcliffe (pjcr) said : #3

since upgrading to ubuntu18.04, using a download and burnt dvd, computer has a mind of it's own. The upgrade included a120GB ssd intended to handle boot and a 1.0 TB hard disc for the rest. I've Tried to include here a screen download showing partition data and did not get what I expected. It shows
120 GB Disk Kingston, 1.0 TB Hard Disk ST1000DM010 on the left of the screen.
The right side of the screen shows,

Model KINGSTON SA400537120G Extended Partition 2 120GB
Partitioning Master Boot Record
Assesment SMART is not enabled


 Partition 1 511 MB Sw
Filesystem Partition 7 24 GB Ext4
Free space 6.3 MB
Filesystem Partition 5 95GB Ext4

Size 511MB
Device /dev/sda1
uuid 55da032d-e57b-4910-a9b4-4-45b01a108c9b
Partition Type Linux swap
Contents Swap (version 1 -- not active

I used to be able to run the mouse over a file name etc and then right click to copywhat has just been marked, but that doasn't work any more.

Your advice will be appreciated. Peter Ratcliffe

peter ratcliffe (pjcr) said : #4

Reviewing what I asked I reallise that my question is missing. I would like to know if ubuntu is properly loaded. The mount points listed above don't look right, and home is empty. Adding the spp disk was intended to speed things up. It is faster to boot but not as much as I hoped. Have I got it right?

Using the SSD for system and the slower drive for /home will improve things. This will be the optimal configuration.

You can reduce wear on the SSD by putting /var and /tmp on the platter based drive as well. You could even put your swap space on the platter based drive.

What you have is right. I wouldn't worry about boot speed too much. Its a one-off thing. Linux is designed for uptime. You will find the applications load in the OS in less time and the whole system will feel more responsive

peter ratcliffe (pjcr) said : #6

Thank you for your reply. Platter based drive is a new one on me - if you mean move /var and /temp to the hard disc I would be lost. However, if you say all is ok, despite home being empty, good enough for me. But there are two problems remaining.

1. The top menu is missing. It was there but not now.

2. Before the upgrade I could pass the cursor across either text or commands and then paste them onto the current page. Very useful but not available now.

Thanks for your help.

The Kingston ST1000DM010 uses spinning platters to store the data unlike the SSD which uses memory based storage

peter ratcliffe (pjcr) said : #10

It is a while since I asked this question but without the answer I was hoping for. Paragraph #6 has two problems awaiting resolution. Thanks for your help, Peter Ratcliffe

If you log in as guest is the system OK?

peter ratcliffe (pjcr) said : #12

Sorry, this didn't work. Or something like that

gnc (gnc40) said : #13

The mount points listed above don't look right, and home is empty.

peter ratcliffe (pjcr) said : #14

Something not right here, none of your answer as in #13 is relevant to my question

peter ratcliffe (pjcr) said : #15

Question has been overtaken, consider closed

peter ratcliffe (pjcr) said : #16

consider closed

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