18.04 - intermittent screen blanking

Asked by Martin Davies on 2018-11-08

Hi - I have a clean install of 18.04LTS on an Acer Aspire 1810TZ laptop which uses built in Intel Graphics 4500MHD. The system boots and logs-in fine and all appears to work correctly but, after a short [random] time the screen goes blank (either White or Purple) and can't be recovered without a restart.

I've read elsewhere this may be a known problem with Intel Graphics cards but I can't find a fix. I've tried using the 'nomodeset' mod to Grub but this doesn't change the problem. If I boot to recovery mode (without Graphics) then the problem doesn't occur.

My best guess is that it is something to do with the graphics drivers installed as part of 18.04 not working nicely with the Intel GMA graphics card.

I'd be grateful for any suggestions about how to fix this problem? Thank you.

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I suggest you test your RAM using Memtest86+ from GRUB as a good start

Martin Davies (martin-verix) said : #2

Hi, many thanks for your suggestion. Yes, given the intermittent nature of the fault, my initial thought was that it might be a memory problem but I've run Memtest86+ and not found any errors.

The system previously ran Windows 7 and 10 successfully so I was surprised to encounter issues running Ubuntu 18.04LTS.

There doesn't seem to be any particular pattern to the failures. Sometimes the system will run for an hour or so (including going into suspend and being reawakened) without failing. Other times the screen will blank after a few minutes of use after a successful boot/login.

I've checked that the system is fully updated but everything checks out.

The system runs fine in 'recovery mode' without use of the graphics card.

I'd welcome any further suggestions about how I might isolate the underlying cause of the problem.

Many thanks.

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