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Asked by Tom on 2009-04-15

Last night when i logged off i had 217512 (approx) karma points but this morning i logged in to find 68367.

The other day i was somehow given 30000 which seemed to be by mistake. Also there have been a few questions where i felt someone else should have been given the points, mine just happened to be the last comment rather than even being an answer at all. I doubt this adds up to 180000 points tho.

Have i been penalised for the bug-reports i've filed asking to improve the Answer Section? I have filed reports about;
  allowing attachments in Answers the same way as bug-squad are allowed them,
  somehow 'bumping' questions that are trivial and easy to answer but somehow get no response except the Janitors unhelpful and quite rude message,
  better conformance with data-protections legal requirements in many countries (started by someone else),
  an easier filing system to improve workflow and improve the search function
  a better layout of "problem solved" buttons to make it easier and more intuitive to give the right person/answer credit for solving the problem
  alternative resolutions to a problem, such as; "reinstalled", "don't need to fix right now", "used different OS"

I thought all these had just been ignored though

Have other people also somehow lost a lot of points? Have the karma points been re-scaled? Is this part of a regular down-sizing of longer-term volunteers only reward from LaunchPad? Have any of the points been awarded to the right people and the "Solved" status given to the right answer?

Hmm, this looks like an angry rant but that's not the way i mean it or wrote it. I'm really just curious.
Good luck and regards from
Tom :)

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S.Vikash Koushik
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Hey Tom

   Even I lost Karma.I came to know through the IRC that Karma keeps on degrading.It happens to everyone.Karma degrades over time to give weight to recent activity (i.e) karma is an indication of recent launchpad activity, not all historical launchpad activity.

Tom (tom6) said : #2

That certainly explains why some unexpected people have such low scores when they clearly do such a lot, for example also Mark Shuttleworth with 2304! lol

Losing 69% overnight seems a bit harsh. I had assumed there would be some sensible gradual sliding scale perhaps a curve like in electronics, a capacitor discharging. This axe approach devalues our efforts and is demotivating, at least for me temporarily.

lol, thanks Vikash
Good luck and regards from
Tom :)

Hey Tom,

  You are right.69% is a bit too much.But don't get demoralised.My friend had over a lakh.Now he has only 4000 odd.So there are people much worser than us.Hey! I think you forgot to hit THIS SOLVED MY PROBLEM button.lol.

João Rocha (joaoesperanco) said : #4

Not that I had to many Karma, but even I lost >50%.

What is the time frame that is considered for Most Recent Activitie? I've been more active here in the past 2 months that in the last 3 years

I lost a lot too. Did they change something with the site?

Tom (tom6) said : #6

Over 50% of 'not a lot' seems like more somehow. At least losing a lot of a lot still leaves me with a lot.

Err, this made sense when i was typing it! I think i need a cup of tea! lol

I lost 13000 of 20000 which seems like a lot but I think they just scaled it down.
I am still a lot higher than some people.

Craig Huffstetler (xq) said : #8

They had to change something to the site about what "recent activity" means to Launchpad. Or the percentage of recent activity. We won't know what they changed in their karma calculation formula (because it's probably behind lock and key), but I also lost 69% of what I had. I find this quite drastic.

Craig Huffstetler (xq) said : #9

Let's see if a Canonical employee responds...


Tom (tom6) said : #11

From comments received today i think it's worth remembering that you are appreciated by the community if not by the point-scoring robot ;)

If setting up 2 companies, contributing regular large investments of cash, time and expertise and starting up the whole Ubuntu thing from scratch and getting a huge amount of highly skilled, valuable and dedicated people on-board counts as the 100% base-line then compare your score against


rofls, now i feel a lot less under-appreciated :))))
Good luck and regards from
Tom ;)

Tom (tom6) said : #12

Thanks S.Vikash Koushik, that solved my question.

Tom (tom6) said : #13

Thanks Craig too for finding the links and putting time into this and João and Shane. You all deserve points for this too :)

i dropped from 18k to 5k... thats really a downfold

Tom (tom6) said : #15

Yep, that's a 72% drop and most people had a 69% drop but i'm sure all the people you have helped still appreciate you just as much.

Also Karma Points don't seem to count for anything except a light-hearted comparison with other people and you are left with twice as many as the founder of Ubuntu! lol.

If Karma Points could be 'spent' usefully on anything or were taken seriously by people then it might be a different matter but as we are finding out they really aren't worth the pixels they are written to, lol

Good luck and keep up the good work
Many regards from
Tom :)

José Lou Chang (obake) said : #16

Karma # is not that important, but it is sure useful to use in order to brag how much you contribute. (That is why karma is displayed under "Bragging rights" right? ;) )

I think I have the smallest Karma of all of you :P