Adding too many devices with misc_register Device Driver

Asked by Ian Martin on 2018-08-08

Hey, I'm trying to add as many devices as I can with misc_register, which is just to expose some Mmaps that are done in the kernel, as a negative test, and it's consistently failing on the 54th device. Even if I tell it I want to put 60 devices with my device driver into the module. The error is "sysfs cannot create duplicate filename '/dev/char10:1'" because it already exists, and I am wondering if there is a limit I am hitting, or something that isn't getting set. After running this I also check /dev/char and cannot find a device matching that at all.

It doesn't seem to be limited by memory, as this happens both locally on a 32 GB dev machine, as well as in VM's with 8GB and 16 GB respectively, while also changing the size of the device I am making, from 128 MB to 64, and so on. The failure is consistently on the 54th device or the /dev/*53 device made when this error occurs.

Does anyone have any idea where this is from? All the references to this error I can find seem to be on mobile platforms like android, or with bluetooth devices, or direct pull requests into the linux kernel to add the error itself.

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Ian Martin (xaoc000) said : #1

This is on Ubuntu 16.04 and the Linux 4.13.07 kernel. Sorry

Ian Martin (xaoc000) said : #2

Fixed it, just limited number to 32 devices