unable to connect USB's in Virtualbox

Asked by John Wilson on 2018-06-13

Running Ubuntu 16.04 as the host operating system and Windows 10 as the guest operating system but I cannot mount any USB's.
I do not seem to be able to Enable USB Controller, although it is checked off it is greyed off.
I have added a virtualbox as a user group but I am not sure if I am in it
Have installed the extension pack and Windows guest additions but I am missing something.
Any help would be appreciated

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Do you have the guest additions installed in Ubuntu?

John Wilson (jwilsondmartin) said : #2

I have installed VBoxGuestAdditions-5.0.16.iso

John Wilson (jwilsondmartin) said : #4

Thank you for your reply.
I had already found that site but used it to reinstall the extension pack version 5.2.12
When I open up Virtualbox in the Machine Settings I have USB 3.0 enabled but when I start my Virtual Machine Enable USB is greyed out but it has been changed to USB 3.0.
How do I find the details of my USB devices in Ubuntu?
Do I now need to populate my USB filters and then start my Virtual Machine?

John Wilson (jwilsondmartin) said : #5

In the manual it would appear I need to install some packages:
9.34.1. Setting up USB/IP support on a Linux system
This section gives a brief overview on how to set up a Linux based system to act as a USB device server. The system on the server requires that the usbip-core.ko and usbip-host.ko kernel drivers are available, and that the USB/IP tools package is installed. The particular installation method for the necessary tools depends on which distribution is used. For example, for Debian based systems - the following command should be used to install the required tools:
apt-get install usbip-utils
To check whether the necessary tools are already installed use the following command:
$ usbip list -l

which should produce output similar to that shown in the example below:
 - busid 4-2 (0bda:0301)
   Realtek Semiconductor Corp. : multicard reader (0bda:0301)

 - busid 5-1 (046d:c52b)
   Logitech, Inc. : Unifying Receiver (046d:c52b)

If everything is installed, the USB/IP server needs to be started as root using the following command:
usbipd -D
Refer to the documentation for the installed distribution to determine how to start the service when the system boots.
By default, no device on the server is exported - and this must be done manually for each device. To export a device use:
usbip bind -b "bus identifier"
To export the multicard reader from above, for example - use:
usbip bind -b 4-2

When I try to get the packages this is the response:
john@john-H81M-S2H-GSM:~$ sudo apt-get install usbip-utils
[sudo] password for john:
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information... Done
E: Unable to locate package usbip-utils

Can you suggest alternate packages?

Does YouTube have a guide?

If you run:


It will suggest packages to you. You can then install the relevant package

John Wilson (jwilsondmartin) said : #8

I did a fresh installation from Ubuntu software installing 5.1.34 and can see my USB devices like a printer etc which is progress.
When I try and install the extension pack from Oracles website I get the following error message:
VBoxExtPackRegister returned VERR_VERSION_MISMATCH, pReg=0000000000000000 ErrInfo='VirtualBox version mismatch - expected 5.2 got 5.1'.
Although my virtual machine tells me that the extension pack is installed my USB controll is greyed out and I cannot connect my printer.
I used Synaptic to remove the old files should I have done something else?

John Wilson (jwilsondmartin) said : #9

I downgraded my Extension Pack from Oracle's website and now I have good USB connectivity.
In fact I am updating my Tomtom's maps.
Many thanks for your help