no persistence with ubuntu mate on my usb stick

Asked by Luc Devoe on 2018-05-15


i used LinuxLive USB Creator and UNetbootin to install ubuntu mate with persistence however it doesn't work at all.
ubuntu does run (i'm using it right now) and there is a file named casper on the usb drive. my usb stick is in fat32 and i did put 4000 mb as the maximum amount of memory for persistence. By the way ubuntu crashes when i try to change the keyboard layout (no matter which tool i used to install it on my usb drive). i use an ubuntu mate 18.04 desktop 64bits iso.

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I suggest you install to the USB stick and then you can use the entire space on the stick rather than being limited to 4Gb due to FAT32 maximum file size.

Luc Devoe (muchacho) said : #2

Alright so i did that but there is a little problem : it's really slow compared to before and i don't know why. I'm using the same usb stick. i created the following partition : 2gb swap, 9 gb ext4 for / and a 4gb fat32 (i'd use it to transfer some files). Just so you know the installation took like a hour and there was a lot of errors like resource not found number xxxx not found.

Did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded?

Luc Devoe (muchacho) said : #4

Nope. I'll do that tomorrow but the archive did not show any error when i opened it.

Luc Devoe (muchacho) said : #5

so the sha256 does match. Just so you know i used etcher ( to burn the iso on another usb drive for the installation.

Luc Devoe (muchacho) said : #6

So i used rufus to burn the iso on my usb this time (again) and i booted from it just to try and everything seems fine. I guess the installation did not go well last time. I'll try to install ubuntu on my usb again tomorrow and I'll tell you what.

Luc Devoe (muchacho) said : #7

Although theresn't any sound coming from my speakers (i'm using a laptop) except when i plug in my headset.

You don't burn data to USB. You burn data to optical media because a higher intensity lazers is used when writing CDs and DVDs than when they are read. Flash storage doesn't use the same technology but I know what you mean :)

Do you have the latest BIOS?

Luc Devoe (muchacho) said : #10

Well i have two laptops. One of them doesn't seem to detect the usb drive even when i'm in the boot manager (the boot mode is in uefi should i change that to legacy support ?). Also i don't know if i have the latest bios but i don't see why it is a problem because i does work well when i try from the installation usb drive. By the way both my laptops have a uefi bios (but it's not as pretty as the other uefi bios's it still look like a normal bios). I'll reinstall ubuntu later this evening.

Luc Devoe (muchacho) said : #11

So i installed ubuntu again and it's as slow as the first time. i did take a few screenshots during the process though :
I've come across a tool named mkusb :
It can create bootable version of ubuntu with persistence but the only problem is that i don't know what option to choose in the third screenshot :
Could you explain what these options do or if they are important ?

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