System crash at boot up

Asked by ubulubuntu on 2018-05-14

Last weekend i did a fresh install of xubuntu 18.04 and then last thursday it happened.
I booted up xubuntu 18.04 and all i got was a black screen with a cursor in the top left corner.
The screen was switching on and off to constantly.
There was nothing i could do but a new install of xubuntu 18.04.
After installation all went well until a few reboots later the same thing happened.
Black screen turning on and off and nothing else.
The only solution for me was reinstalling 16.04.

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ubulubuntu (xubu2) said : #1

I mean the weekend of 5 and 6 may.

ubulubuntu (xubu2) said : #3

This might be usefull.
My hardware is a laptop Acer Aspire v13 with i5-5257u motherboard.

ubulubuntu (xubu2) said : #4

I suggest you test your RAM health using Memtest86 from GRUB. Isolate the issue

ubulubuntu (xubu2) said : #6

Already did and got 0 errors.
I've been using 16.04 since release day and never had any problems.
The black screen at boot is only on 18.04.
The screen keeps jumping on and off to continuously.

I suggest you report a bug.

ubulubuntu (xubu2) said : #8

Perhaps the graphics drivers?

ubulubuntu (xubu2) said : #9

How do i report a bug?

Possibly video drivers. Is the live CD / USB desktop the same as the installed OS in Bionic?

ubulubuntu (xubu2) said : #11

I only installed with the live iso.

ubulubuntu (xubu2) said : #12


If you boot to Bionic Xubuntu live CD / USB desktop is it OK or is it the same?

ubulubuntu (xubu2) said : #14

It's ok.

ubulubuntu (xubu2) said : #15

It's not only on Xubuntu but on Ubuntu to.
He had the same problem.
Bed time now, till tomorrow.
Thanks for the help.

I use Openbox myself. Could try Lubuntu

ubulubuntu (xubu2) said : #17

Gonna wait till the net-iso is upddated.
I'm sure i'm not the only one with this problem.
I want xubuntu and if it's the video drivers wouldn't have lubuntu the same problem?

ubulubuntu (xubu2) said : #18

I'm at my wit's end here.
Never had any problems with xubuntu until 18.04.
I need internet for work etc.

Makes sense. What video hardware do you use please?

16.04 is supported until April 2021 so is a completely viable solution

ubulubuntu (xubu2) said : #21

This is the harware i use.
Xubuntu is only supported till next year.

ubulubuntu (xubu2) said : #22

I assume you know how to reach the members of the ubuntu team that can update the video drivers.
So please help because i don't know how to reach them.

ubulubuntu (xubu2) said : #23

I'm pretty sure it's because of the updates i received the 10th of may.
Maybe that helps.

ubulubuntu (xubu2) said : #24

Still waiting for some news.
I'm pretty sure the black screen at bootup is because of the graphics driver update i received on may 10.
Any news on the intell drivers being updated again since then?
Is the problem fixed?

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