Ubuntu won`t turn off dual boot windows + ubuntu

Asked by Vinicius B on 2018-04-05

Hello guys. When i finished the instalation of the ubuntu, it asked me to reboot my computer to finish it. But, when i pressed the button the screen just freezed. I waited for a long time and it was still frozen, so i turned my computer off by pressing the power button on me laptop. I turned in again, and Ubuntu started just as fine. But, when i finished using it and tried to turn it off, the same thing happened, the screen froze. I had to turn the laptop off using the physical button again, and this have been happening ever since. I looked it up online and tried to change some things on the grub file, but none of them worked. Do you guys have any other idea of what might be happening?

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Is the Ubuntu installation fully updated?

Vinicius B (vinibuch) said : #2

Yes it is. Last kernel and build of Ubuntu 16

Do you have the latest BIOS ?

Vinicius B (vinibuch) said : #4

Yes I do. I updated it last week when I got the laptop

Chris Guiver (guiverc) said : #5

This is just an idea. to test your hardware obeying instructions, I would suggest logging out of GUI (if logged in), switching to a terminal (ctrl+alt+f4 for example) logging in using your username/password, then using the command `sudo shutdown -h now` (sudo elevates privileges for 'shutdown' command, -h tells the shutdown to also halt-hardware (or power off after OS shutdown, with 'now' being the time for which to perform-OS-shutdown).

This is really just to test the machine can shutdown; if this works but it can't from gui it could be a process is still running preventing shutdown - it may be however the 'shutdown' (which means OS is working), but the '-h' (or halt/power-down isn't working).

FYI: there were 2 releases of Ubuntu in 2016, 16.04LTS in April, and 16.10 in October. I'm assuming you meant the 2016-April release of Ubuntu, ie. 16.04 LTS.

Vinicius B (vinibuch) said : #6

Fixed the problem. i switched my graphic card driver on the addtional drivers option. now my system is turning off correctly.