16.04 update killed my computer

Asked by Dan Winkler on 2018-03-08

the last 16.04 update killed my computer
it iwill not longer boot to Ubuntu 16.04
all we get now is a grub command line
do not understand what it wants
installed 15.10 to try to fix problem
still does same things
it is not the computer, because the cloned drive (which was not updated) works fine

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I suggest you wipe the install off and do a clean install of Bionic (Ubuntu 18.04 LTS). Bionic is supported for 5 years

Dan Winkler (dannyewinkler) said : #2

We did a clean install of Ubuntu 16.04 and 15.01 same thing happen on both installs. Deleted partitions as well. Why is 15.01 doing it too? It should not have affected 15.01. Can tell me whats going on?

Dan Winkler

Are you dual booting the system or is Ubuntu the only operating system in the system?

Dan Winkler (dannyewinkler) said : #4

windows 10 is on its partition, ubuntu is on another with /home /boot and
swap. The grub comes up with grub> prompt. I feed like it lost to fine the
grub.cfg file or can't fine the location to boot from, the boot menu. So if
I load the new ubuntu 18.04 LTS I think I will get the same thing.??? Could
it be the GPT,MSR partition has a problem? I tested it and has no errors.

Dan Winkler

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I suggest you boot to live CD / USB desktop and chroot into the installed Ubuntu OS. You can then rerun the GRUB configuration command:

sudo update-grub2

And then retry

Dan Winkler (dannyewinkler) said : #6

manage to install unbuntu 16.4.04 all is good. Did not try what you suggested. Thanks for the help anyway.