assign shutdown command to sleep button fails 17.10 and 18.04

Asked by Sebastian on 2018-03-07

I'm running a GigaByte Brix with a wireless Logitech K400 Keyboard. The said keyboard features a "power off" button that is interpreted by Ubuntu as "Sleep" for some reason. On the 17.04 release it was possible to simply assign the shutdown command to this button and everything was fine.
With 17.10 and 18.04 LTS (beta) the behaviour of this button can not be changed. If I try to assign my shutdown command and press the button, my system immediately enters suspend mode. Even if I try to simply read out the key code of the button it will directly go to suspend.
Will there be a way of getting back the behaviour of 17.04 so that I can freely choose what this button does?


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I suggest you report a bug

Sebastian (smartin-ubuntu-one) said : #2

Ok, I created a bug ticket: Bug #1754056

Sebastian (smartin-ubuntu-one) said : #3

Mhm, nearly four weeks now and no reaction or whatsoever. I'm pretty impressed on how nobody of the developers cares. They've broken a quite simple functionality for no reason and now the leave the user alone with it. I admit that did never happen on my Windows PCs before. I was so happy to get Ubuntu running and using way less resources then Windows did. But the development strategy and the way they deploy updates is not really user friendly. The update from 17.04 to 17.10 is, in terms of versioning, a minor update. But they simply changed the whole system. And made it worse.
Whatever, I stay with 17.04. Maybe one of the future releases will give me my freedom of choice back. Perhaps they would also let me decide where I want to have the windows buttons rather then simply moving them from the left to the right.

Sebastian (smartin-ubuntu-one) said : #4

Ok, now it is about half a year later an nobody bothered to have a look. I am getting an idea what drives people back to Windows.

Sebastian (smartin-ubuntu-one) said : #5

Ok, I "solved" this issue, by moving to Kubuntu. KDE allows the user to choose what which button should do. So I simply linked the "switch off" command to the button on my keyboard and now it works as before. No idea why Ubuntu is making such a mess of a simple feature like this. Additionally I am now able to have buttons on both sides of the window title bars. What a nice feature on a quite large TV screen.