Problems with Brasero disk burner

Asked by davidzaq1 on 2017-11-12


I have ubuntu 16.04.

I wanted to make a CD of the mp3 music I have to play in my car CD player.
When I put the CD into Brasero, I receive a message saying "CD RW cannot be mounted because disk is
already mounted.

I click ok message and continue.

The program starts but hallf way through, it freezes and wont go any farther.

I also tried using Xburn. Xburn does not give me any problems except when the disc is finished, it won't play.
My car CD player says, it cannot read the file.

Is there anyway to fix this problem?

Also, does a music file need to be in a wav format to play in a car or is a mp3 good enough?

Thank you.

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davidzaq1 (david3a9x) said : #2


Thank you for your reply but this link was not helpful and did not answer my questions.

Do yo have some other suggestions?

Thank you.

Can your CD player not play MP3 disks?

davidzaq1 (david3a9x) said : #4

my CD player can play MP3's

Then just burn MP3s to the CD as data and the decoding can be done by the hardware in your car.

davidzaq1 (david3a9x) said : #6

I am still having problems with this.

When I put the CD into Brasero, I get the message: Cannot mount CD in drive, CD is already mounted.

Is there a way to fix this or is jthis just a problem with Brasero?

Not something I use myself. I've not used CDs for years now....

Maybe others can assist

Manfred Hampl (m-hampl) said : #8

The message "Cannot mount CD in drive, CD is already mounted." is self-explanatory.
Don't try mounting the CD twice.
You could try manually unmounting the CD.

davidzaq1 (david3a9x) said : #9


Well, I haven't mounted anything. I do not even know how to mount a disk so I am not sure how it was mounted anyway.

All I did was to open the disk drive and but the disk in and close the drive
A message popped up asking what I wanted to do with the disk.
I selected open with Brasero and
then the error message saying disk was already mounted showed up.

As for unmounting a disk, I do not knnow how to do this either.

sudo umount /dev/sr0

davidzaq1 (david3a9x) said : #11

Ok, I will try that,

Thank you.