How can I enter more than a 6 digit PIN for Bluetooth pairing on Ubuntu 17.04?

Asked by Ian on 2017-10-10

I'm running Ubuntu 17.04, and want to pair my BT modem to my laptop. When I get to entering the BT pin, I am allowed 6 digits, but my code is 10 or 12 digits long. How may I enter it?

I have confirmed this is the problem by connecting the modem to my phone without issue. Any help would be appreciated.

The modem is a Trust 56K modem - model 14019

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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Does it work with just the first 6 digits?

Ian (ian-smith47) said : #2

Thank you for the suggestion. I tried both the first and last 6 digits, but it does seem to need all the digits to work. I am bemused as to why there is an arbitrary limit on the PIN, as the longer one is, the more secure it will be.

Best Jeremy (wa113y3s) said : #3

You can try installing blueman
sudo apt-get install blueman

Or you can try using bluetoothctl in terminal

scan on

Then to pair type pair followed by the devices MAC address that should be listed right away or after the scan on command, use CTRL+d to exit bluetoothctl

Ian (ian-smith47) said : #4


Many thanks - that worked using blueman. It does puzzle me why the standard BT interface doesn't allow more than 6 digits - but this is great, thank you. I have progressed to seeing the modem paired, but I still cannot use it!

Ian (ian-smith47) said : #5

Thanks Jeremy, that solved my question.