I've installed teamviewer 12 via GDebi Package Installer. I click on it but nothing happens...

Asked by Alberto on 2017-09-09

Lubuntu 16.04.2 LTS 32 bits

Hello Community, hello Techies,
I need to connect my pc to my brother's. He runs Windows and uses teamviewer.
So I installed Teamviewer 12.0.76279 in this way:


I downloaded


to Downloads folder.
Then I installed it using GDebi Package Installer.
(Why did I behave this way? Because I couldn't find teamviewer via Synaptic Package Manager nor via Lubuntu Software Canter.)
Now I can see TeamViewer 12 in my pop-up menu, but if I click it nothing happens.
Did something go wrong? Did I make some mistake?
Many thanks

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What do you want to connect to his PC to do? Why do you need TeamViewer?

Alberto (alberto-aimo) said : #2

Hello Andrew,
I want to connect my pc to his so that he can read a CD that I put in my pc's CD drive. The CD contains images he has to display on his monitor.

His computer runs Windows 64 bits, I don't know which release. He told me to use Timeviewer, an application he installed to his machine.

If there is some Linux app that can do this I do not mind getting rid of TeamViewer.

Many thanks

Manfred Hampl (m-hampl) said : #3

What happens if you issue the following command in a terminal window:


If you install openssh-server or samba then you can share the mount point of the CD and he can view the files over the network in his Windows file manager. Leaves your system free too as the file access happens in the background. Is this over the Internet or just the LAN?

Alberto (alberto-aimo) said : #5


I opened terminal in
I typed TeamViewer and the result was: command not found

I typed the line you suggested to
/home prompt (alberto@jalopy:~$ )
and the result is:

Error: CheckCPU: SSE2 support: not found. TeamViewer cannot start

My machine does not support SSE2 extension. That's why I run Firefox ESR

(by the way, which is the correct procedure? 1 or 2?)


Is the file access over your home network or over the Internet?

Alberto (alberto-aimo) said : #7

Well Andrew, it should be over the Internet...

Then port forward port 22 to your system and then your brother can connect to your WAN IP (use http://ipchicken.com to see this) on port 22, make him an account on the system and he can connect to the system via SFTP (secure) and view / download / upload files to your system.

You cannot use TeamViewer because your CPU doesn't have a feature it needs to run.

Alberto (alberto-aimo) said : #9

High quality answer!
I'm getting nearer and nearer to the limit of my software knowledge, though...

I know how I can make my brother an account to my system (menu: Users and Groups).

I know how to get my IP reading what https://www.ipchicken.com/ detects.

I don't know how to port forward port 22. This is almost double dutch to me...

You'll need your router's manual. It varies wildly.

Alberto (alberto-aimo) said : #11

Hello Andrew,
This is out of reach for me.
I guess your help would solve my problem but I can't go further.

Alberto (alberto-aimo) said : #12

Thanks actionparsnip, that solved my question.