Will I be able to get windows back just in case?

Asked by Karan Buttar on 2017-08-08

I'm interested in downloading ubuntu if I download it will I be able to get back to windows just in case? And if so, how? P.s I have windows 10 if that helps.

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Yes you can dual boot. If you resize the NTFS partition in Windows to make free space then you can install to the free space and you will be given the option of which OS to boot to when the system turns on.

Karan Buttar (dwarfinator1) said : #2

Um wut?

How can anyone respond to that!? What is confusing you. Instead of short, worthless responses, try something constructive and we can reply to clarity which part is tripping you up.

Karan Buttar (dwarfinator1) said : #4

Ok sorry.
I don't know what a NTFS partition is.

NTFS is the file system Windows uses. Your hard drive has a few partitions and each is formatted using this file system.

NTFS is not sufficient to store Linux permissions and so you need something that can. Ubuntu can format partitions as part of its installation. If you use Windows Disk Manager you can resize the NTFS to make unpartitioned space.

I suggest you run a full backup before you do this. It is a large change to your system.

If you want to test Ubuntu easily whilst making fewer changes to your system then something like Virtualbox will do the job and Ubuntu will run alongside Windows (if your system isn't very powerful then this will run badly).

It's not 100% the same experience but it's a good try-before-you-buy

Karan Buttar (dwarfinator1) said : #7

Ok thank you how big do I need to make the partition?

The Ubuntu installer will make the Linux partitions for you. I suggest you watch some videos on YouTube to see what is involved and what to expect.
I suggest you use Ubuntu 16.04 it is designed to be rock solid and suited to new users

Karan Buttar (dwarfinator1) said : #9

Thanks actionparsnip, that solved my question.