How many Partitions can you have?

Asked by Rich.b on 2017-06-16

Changing SSD from 120GB to 480GB and change 500GB HD to TWO 2TGB HD's

Q 1/ How many Partitions can you have on SSD?

would like 3 OS on SSD!

Q 2/ I would like /home to be on main 2TG HD.

Q 3/ Should /swap be on SSD ?

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swap being on SSD doesn't really get you much, having it on a platter based drive is fine and in modern systems with acres of RAM, it is hardly used (if at all). I also suggest you put /var and /tmp on the platter based drive too. These are written to frequently and do not require huge speed.

You can have as many partitions as you require, just make one small primary partition for one OS and then an extended partition of the rest. You can then add as many logical partitions as you need in this extended partition.

Rich.b (aybi30) said : #2

Sorry about more questions.

So how do I move /var / tmp from I assume SSD to my first 2TB hd?

I assume using terminal.

Thanks again Andrew.

Rich.b (aybi30) said : #3

As I have a fresh install of Ubuntu 16.04 on new SSD my background picture on desktop in a default and folder/files that were on my desktop are no longer there.

I have file copies of desktop (and old HD) on new 2TB or SSD, how do I replace default screen to my old background screen and folders/files to my new desktop?

Thank you for any help here.


So you mean the files you had on the desktop are missing?

Rich.b (aybi30) said : #5

As I understand it - YES.

As said above a completely new CLEAN install Ubuntu 16.04 on new SSD, so everything is as Ubuntu defaults, mainly purple screen as desktop and no files or folder that were on the old installation.

I can see these desktop folders/files in a folder called "Desktop" which I have now copied on to my new install PC desktop and can open them.

I have successfully been able to select all folders/files from old desktop folder and copy them to my new desktop. That has solved that.

Just need to get back to my old screen picture that I had.

Then download it from the web and set the wallpaper

Rich.b (aybi30) said : #7

Just re-stored old picture to new desktop

Rich.b (aybi30) said : #8

Next question as the Admin password was NOT setup at new install how do I setup an Administration Password now?

You use sudo when you need administrator power. Use the same password that you log in to Ubuntu with for this.

Rich.b (aybi30) said : #10

Sorry I got wrong, there is admin P/W, I would very like to change it !

Can this be done?

Thanks Andrew.

Then just run:


And follow the prompts. You will get no feedback as you type the passwords.

Rich.b (aybi30) said : #12

Thanks actionparsnip, that solved my question.