Unable to install Ubunto in a Toshiba Satellite A200-2C5

Asked by Gonçalo Fernandes

I am able to see the initial configuration menu, i select install. The system "thinks" for a while and then some kind of error message appears (too fast for me to read). The shell appears (with a message like: Ubunto comes with no warranty, bla bla, to use a command in administrator mode type bla bla). I already tried to install in Safe Graphic mode, it doesn't help, the video card is an ATI Mobility Radeon 2400, i haven't found any information about (in)compatiblity.
Any idea about what's going on?

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Gonçalo Fernandes
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marcobra (Marco Braida) (marcobra) said :

Have you already tried to install Ubuntu using the Ubuntu alternate install cd ... ?


Hope this helps

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David Alvarez (letitbe2007) said :

What version?

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marcobra (Marco Braida) (marcobra) said :
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Gonçalo Fernandes (ilogico) said :

Version 8.10

I will try the alternate version.

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Gonçalo Fernandes (ilogico) said :

I haven't tried the alternate version yet because i suspect it's connected to the BIOS. I just found out that the 2.60 version is compatible with Windows Vista only, there is another version, 5.60, that says it's not compatible with Vista (although i already installed it and Vista loaded). As soon as i have the time, i will try to install again and get back to you.

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Gonçalo Fernandes (ilogico) said :

Ok, I tried both bios versions, it has nothing to do with that, I tried the alternate installer and it allowed me to install the system. But when i startx i get the same error i got when i launched the normal installer: something about "saw signal 11, aborting" and then it waits a while and complains xserver doesn't exist or something. I'm sorry for being imprecise.

I then installed Debian, wich i'm using right now, it runs gnome so i think the problem is Ubuntu specific. I would really like to install Ubuntu, so if anyone can give me a hint on how to do it, maybe with instalation parameters, or installing the alternate version and then configuring the xserver by hand, or even installing the 8.4 version and upgrading. I really have no idea, any suggestions are welcome, i'm really a novice here.

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Gonçalo Fernandes (ilogico) said :

OK, I installed the 64bits version and it works OK. Now my problem is configuring the wireless connection, but that's another question.

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Monbrey (rizzoman) said :

i had exactly the same problem as you, using the standard ubuntu-i386-desktop iso

i have a toshiba satellite a200, model number PSAF6A

how did you end up getting it to install?

im attempting to dual-boot vista and ubuntu, had no trouble doing this on my desktop

drive has about 27gb free space unallocated waiting for it

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Gonçalo Fernandes (ilogico) said :

i installed the amd64 version. The thing is, the network applet didn't show me the wireless connections untill i plugged the broad band modem, wich is strange.

I now installed the 9.04 beta (amd 64 too, i didn't test the i386) version wich already has drivers for the wireless card, although they don't give me the full speed of the card. If i activate the alternate drivers, i have the same problem, the metwork applet doesn't show me the connections.