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Asked by Shadmeister on 2007-05-10


Have read a few of the other responses to questions on the 64bit Ubuntu for Core 2 Duo Intel processor. I wish perform some math intensive programming, so the internet surfing and Adobe file viewing, if not possible on the 64bit software platform, is not a problem. As such i was going to install 64bit Feisty Fawn. When i chosse the 64bit Intel platform, i am directed to the AMD iso file download. Is this correct, in that the AMD downlaod will work on the Core 2 Duo 6400 processor by Intel ?.




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Michael Bienia (geser) said : #2

Yes, that's correct. The architecture is called after AMD64 (AMD was first to create such processors). Intel came later and called it EM64T but it is compatible to AMD64 so you can use the AMD64 iso to install 64-bit Ubuntu.

Most open-source software is also available for 64-bit. The only problematic software are those which are only distributed in binary form for 32-bit systems only (like Adobe Flash).

Shadmeister (richard-shadbolt) said : #3

Thanks Cesare Tirabassi, that solved my question.

Shadmeister (richard-shadbolt) said : #4

Thanksto Michael also - i could only click one "Solved my problem". Much appreciated.

oootif (oootif) said : #5

For the problematic software which only distributed in binary form for 32-bit systems only (like Adobe Flash), would it work with a 32bit Ubuntu installed in a 64bit Intel chip?

@oootif the answer is yes but in the future...

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Thank you

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Awesome, thanks for that!