Problem with slider for partitioning on Ubuntu 6.10

Asked by penz on 2007-05-08

I still want to download Ubuntu 6.10 instead of 7.04 in my dell 8400. Some have said that their 6.10 "version" contained a slider for partitioning during the installiation, but mine didn't! How come!? Is this a default for Official CD from Ubuntu (when you order a free one from ubuntu website)? Where Can I get this kind of 6.10!!!??? This would be very helpful, because I am new to Ubuntu or any linux. I have used Ubuntu in my older computer, and I liked it, but i still needed the window XP. If someone could PLEASE show me a website I could get these kinds of "version" of 6.10 or even 6.06 (7.04 doesn't come with the slider), I would really appreciate this!!!!!!!!!!Thanks!
The other options aren't that good. (one has doing it manually, and ther other one is using the entire harddrive (which woould erase Window XP).
If still have questiob about my situation, please email me <email address hidden>.
 And from there, if I wanted to install ubuntu 7.04, could do that over the net. But I would REALLY want the 6.10 for now as of 05/07/07

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Javier Jardón (jjardon) said : #1

Hello penz,

install Feisty, is the most updated version of Ubuntu. In the instalation process, select manual partitioning and the slider should appear.

Javier Jardón (jjardon) said : #2

You can download Ubuntu 7.04 Desktop froom here:

Jesus Gamio (jgamio) said : #3

I wish to help you.

First with Feisty version 7.04 you can get the slider partition too.

to install you should do this:

1) If you only one partition you should first backup your data.
2) If you use windows xp you should defragment your harddrive first. before to trie to install Ubuntu.

3) Install from your ubuntu cd. When you arrive to the partition Harddrive.
Select Guide but dont use the entery disk option use the option with the free space available then you are going to select how much space you want to use to Ubuntu.

You can checkout this page:

If you want test the version 6.10 donwload in this link you get

Best penz (california-oc2000) said : #4

Thanks everyone for answering my question. I will add a second hard drive for my computer. One thing about the "slider" is it only works for EIDE Hard drives, and NOT for SATA hard drives.