Releasing 9.04 without a bug fix on graphics seems conterproductive given the great expectations of Ubuntu's expectations.

Asked by TWFJR on 2009-02-25

I can't tell Ubuntu how frustrating it is that this bug issue with Nvidia remains unsolved. How can Ubuntu expect release 9.04 to be great without resolving Nvidia bugs or for that matter all graphic bugs? The frustration, the time, the money spent to resolve Nvidia bug issues are forcing me to question whether I go backwards with upgrading my computer. Like downgrading to Ubuntu 7.10. Where Ubuntu was promising and exciting I now am wary about upgrades. I am warned by my computer tech not to upgrade except on a test computer. The money spent to fix the Nvidia but was the cost of a new computer. It frustrated the tech. He spent far more time than he charged me for. If I buy something I expect it to work. But Ubuntu and Nvidia seem to think that is an issue with the other. Nvidia won't release proprietary drivers so Ubuntu can fix the bug. Any proprietary fixes Nvidia releases just complicates upgrades. If Ubuntu is to make good on their great expectations this issue must be resolved.

Frustrated, concerned and hopeful.
Thomas W Fiechtl, Jr.,

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Best peter b (b1pete) said : #2

TWFJR, one thing has to be made perfectly clear - 904 is still under development, in alpha stages with a beta and full release scheduled sometimes in april 09.

so, if you decided to use 904 at this stage of development with the clear understanding that it is an alpha release be prepared to contribute to its development in any capacity you feel that can solve the problem you found. ranting about this and that about a project under development, in my view. is unacceptable; YOU chose to use alpha software so YOU MUST bear all costs associated with that decision.

the language you're using is totally unwarranted - want a FREE OS that works ? you have two choices - either use a RELEASED DISTRO that are plenty to be had or, if you want JUST 904 just wait until it is FULLY RELEASED.

peter b

TWFJR (tom-fiechtl) said : #3

I did not choose to install 9.04, nor did I install it. My point is that the graphics bug, as I read comments, was a known issue before the launch date of 8.04 and 8.10 and it still is with 9.04. I don't consider unresolved known issues a fully REALIZED DISTRO. My tech is probably going to put an old graphics card into my wife's computer as a cost saving measure to the $500 bill last time making the graphics work on her mother board. And apparently that tech fix worked with great frustration until it no longer worked. For whatever the reason, the bug fix is alluding everyone. My question is to those about to finalise Ubuntu 9.04; is the graphics solution is a high priority? No product becomes successful if it does not work. Ubuntu has impressed me from the start but with this graphics bug, how can you expect others to remain interested in a movement, a mission to bring to the world the Ubuntu Philosophy. I would hope that 9.04 is all it can be. I hope that Ubuntu becomes far more successful. I meant no ill to Ubuntu. I hope that Ubuntu 9.04 does not have a problem with this graphics bug that has plagued the last versions. As with previous upgrades, I always waited anxiously for the bug fixes. I always looked forward to a new and better Ubuntu. But you have to agree that the graphics bug has got to be a thorn in the side of Ubuntu. If my concern makes that more apparent then the problem is not that I bring it up; it is that there is little to be done about the bug. If Ubuntu's philosophy is to bring free software to the world then how can that be accomplished when the monitor is blank? If this is the wrong place to bring this problem up I apologise. So far no solution.

TWFJR (tom-fiechtl) said : #4

marcobra, thanks for your post and efforts. I signed the petition.

peter b (b1pete) said : #5

TWFJR, It's very hard for me to know exactly what distro you're using and your experience with ubuntu is; however, I dare say from my experience with video proprietary drivers (btw I'm on mainly ATI type of video adapters) that I had no problems with ATI drivers installation since ages; indeed x had early problems in configuring certain adapters automatically at install (I mean in the pre feisty releases) but even then there were workarounds available that allowed proprietary drivers installation v successfully.

I do not know whether you or your tech heard or used a v good ati-nvidia drivers installation package called envy; in the pre feisty releases I remember that it worked for me every time. now I could see that it is available in the intrepid repositories - I can not tell you exactly when/what release it was introduced in ubuntu repos. I did not use it for the past 2 or 3 releases of ubuntu because there was no need for it - x in ubuntu pure and simple configured my adapters automatically after I accepted to install the ati restricted drivers. what I hear from other users ? the same stands true for nvidia drivers - mind you, this is just that = hearsay, personally never did nvidia.

you can find envy at the following url

give it a try and see whether it can help and give you peace of mind - I'm pretty sure it will.

peter b

TWFJR (tom-fiechtl) said : #6

Hi Peter, thanks for your advise. Envy did not work for me then and I just tried it again last week. The tech has the computer again and he is instructed to save docs on the hard drive and load Ubuntu 7.10. He may just put in an old graphics card that does not have 3D.

peter b (b1pete) said : #7

TWFJR, it appears that gutsy gibbon is the distro that you're working with; question if you do not mind - why stick with an old distro ? envy calls it a 'legacy' distro. ubuntu kernel was improved tremendously since, especially x. hardy 804 distro is a huge difference when it comes to x and for that matter the new envyNG was developed.

try and get 804 installed and use envyNG; forget pre 804 releases. just a hint - not all nvidia released drivers are working on every pc, thing proven over and over with ati too; and this also stands true with windows; there are certain driver releases that work without a hitch and others that work limping so to speak or not at all. I don't know whether envyNG still gives the user a choice of which driver ver to install - it should be checked and picked the ver that worked for the majority of users (just google). another v imp tip - if the driver was not sucessfully installed pls DO NOT try installing it again - ALWAYS remove the failed driver install and, just to be on the safe side do same with envy; then proceed with a new attempt to install - on a clean slate.

or, maybe (even better), x in 804 already has nvidia drivers compiled ? just google the forums and for sure you'll find it out. I do not know - for sure it has ati drivers (restricted mind you) compiled because I use them.

the problem with proprietary drivers to be compiled into the kernel requires manufacturer's cooperation, without that v little can be done. ati opened a little their drivers after quite a struggle so that now they are in the kernel BUT still as restricted drivers.

peter b

TWFJR (tom-fiechtl) said : #8

Peter, this computer I'm dealing with is using 8.04 and it is again with the computer tech. Thanks for your advise. It may come in handy yet. I have searched the internet and tried these solutions. Thanks, Tom

peter b (b1pete) said : #9

pls take a look at

it is v recent and deals with nvidia drivers; it appears that some nvidia restricted drivers are indeed available in 810. it may help you.

peter b