New install on HP / compaq: blank screen

Asked by Patrick M on 2017-04-17

Trying to install 16.04 on an HP/compaq Pro 6305 AMD A4-5300B 64 bit processor, Raedon graphics. Windows 10 currently installed. I'd like to dual boot the machine, but If I have to choose I'll just run Ubuntu. I turned off the quick boot "safe boot" etc, so it will try and boot from the live CD. From the grub menu it goes to blank screen, regardless of if I select "try ubuntu" " install ubuntu" or OEM install. Once it did go to the screen with the stick figure and the = sign and what looks like a symbol for a keyboard?

I've tried several things, but no luck.

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Did you try the boot option:


Or can you not get this far?

Patrick M (prmillius) said : #2

Got to boot menu, but the options commands have changed and I wasn't quite
sure which line nomodeset went, and was not aware to put raedon. before it.
I tried all three lines of the code that came up, in various places. Caused
a kernel panic twice. I'm not sure if it was repeatedly rebooting, or
holding the down arrow at the moment I figured the stick figure screen (I'm
sure I don't have the proper a name?) should up. Not sure what worked, but
eventually I got it to go to the Ubuntu drum sound. On the next boot, again
holding the down arrow at the moment I thought it was stick figure screen
should come up, I got the GUI at the point the installer asked language

After a bit I got a message about UEFI and legacy bios; that the existing
OS could hard to load. I did continue. When the partitioner opened, I got a
message that the Windows 10 would be erased. Had I been really concerned
about Windows, I might have researched how to install in legacy bios mode.
I did get a successful of Ubuntu, though I erased and repartitioned the
drive ( thus erasing windows )

It does seem to boot slowly, changing to the propietary AMD 64 bit firmware
helped a bit. I presume boot up time may improve with subsequent boots.

I wonder if the development team could come up with a failsafe mode that
one could drop to with the push of a couple of keys?

So, if one wants dual boot, whatever I did is NOT the way to go. I don't do
Windows much, so it was not an issue for me.

Thank you for the reply!


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Or can you not get this far?

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