After installing 17.04 Gnome Ubuntu, there is an annoying black screen blinking.

Asked by Brett Ransegnola on 2017-04-14

After installing 17.04 Gnome Ubuntu, there is an annoying black screen blinking. Has anyone encountered this for this version and have people fixed it?

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Can you please provide a screenshot of the issue.

You can use imagemagick or similar to make a URL of the image. Replying to the automated email and attaching a file doesn't work


Brett Ransegnola (bp42) said : #2

Unfortunately not. Its a very brief flicker. I cannot capture it on a screen capture.
It looks like a driver problem.

Does the system work OK despite the message?

Brett Ransegnola (bp42) said : #4

Yes. But the blinking is concerning.

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Brett Ransegnola (bp42) said : #5

The computer also happens to enter suspend mode after about 15 seconds after being on. Autosuspend and such are not on. However, this seems like a separate issue...

John MacMenigall (fred575) said : #6

Not an answer I'm afraid, but I have a similar (identical?) problem, a brief, rapid & very irritating flicker, I think it would seem to be a driver issue and I'd file a bug report but have no idea which software is responsible!

Is it just before the login screen shows?

John MacMenigall (fred575) said : #8

Many thanks for your reponse, I have been trying to capture a screenshot to attach but without success.
My graphics chipset is "Mobile IntelĀ® GM45 Express Chipset", no proprietary driver in use. I've just upgraded to 17.04. from 16.10 which was OK. If you need any more info, please let me know.

The problem can show itself at any time but I haven't noticed it before (or after) the login screen, it seems related to programs which show some sort of response box (for example a 'Yes/No' box), the screen area formerly occupied by the box becomes blank. Also, at random times, with no program running, about three-quarters of the screen blanks with flickering around the edges which eventually stabilise. I suspect it may a driver issue as it didn't occur until after the upgrade . . .

There isn't a proprietary driver for Intel GPUs. They are all open source.

John MacMenigall (fred575) said : #10

I don't know whether this problem is solved but I removed the 'Wallch' wallpaper changer, and the problem seems to have gone!

Hope this may help the original enquirer.

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