Lost User?

Asked by Jamie Dell on 2007-05-05

When i installed xubuntu i made the stupid mistake of forgetting my user name and i ahd to create a new acount his leaves me witht eh problem that i cant edit any settings because i ahve no Sudo rights?

What can I do?

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Stephen Seplowitz (sep1318) said : #1

Have you tried looking in the User Management/Account Editor on the System Settings panel? That usually/should list(s) all the users, so you can remember what your other one was.

Jamie Dell (jamie-micropear) said : #2

See if you mean the User and groups menu under systems then i cant open it it says

Failed To Run User-Admin
The underlying authorization mechanism (sudo) does not allow you to run this program"

As the other account had sudo control and not this one i am running?

Any other work around, cos if i can find the user name i can then get sudo control

Stephen Seplowitz (sep1318) said : #3

Right. The other work around I can think of is to try booting into recovery mode, since I believe that logs you in automagically as root. Try that, maybe?

Jamie Dell (jamie-micropear) said : #4

Right ok well in recovery mode it says i quote " root@dell02:~# "

so where would i go from here to find out what the account name is?


Is there a way to just give sudo access to my new account:jamie because i read on post on it and the settings it said i needed were already there!!

I dont know what to do!!

Best imariot (imariot) said : #5

If you can see it, there should be a home folder for your original user id, so you should see two user under the /home directory....

Jamie Dell (jamie-micropear) said : #6

I think what you said imariot may be right i found a folder called oem could this be the user?

Jamie Dell (jamie-micropear) said : #7

Thanks imariot, that solved my question.