Need to install minimal working Ubuntu Desktop

Asked by golubovsky

Is there any meta-package (smaller than ubuntu-desktop) or a suggested list of packages to install a working Ubuntu Hardy gnome-based desktop (wm, panels, applets, themes) without any large applications (those to be added later manually)?

Here: is such a list for Feisty. Would just s/feisty/hardy/ be OK?


PS someone earlier suggested an "idea #1653":, but the page seems broken. Was there any progress on it?

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Ariel Cabral (acabral1961) said :

Yes, at the brainstorm idea #1653 you have this link:
and there you can download the minimalCD you're looking for.
Hope this helps, let me know.

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Best GAkHEdgmrQ (mvndukezjm-deactivatedaccount) said :

I would recommend taking a look at the minimal installation offerings here:

Once installed you will have a basic console-based installation, similar to debian's netinstall. From there you could install a "core" Gnome desktop environment with the "gnome-core" package.

You will of course need to set up xorg manually also.

Hope this helps.

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golubovsky (golubovsky) said :


Thanks for the reponse. I am familiar with minimal CD: that's how I did the installation.

What I am asking about: if I run "apt-get install ubuntu-desktop" this installs 600+ packages including (some) office, other apps, which I would like to select manually as I need them.

I am looking for a correct list of packages to install only these parts of the (gnome-based) desktop: metacity, panels, applets, themes. I am experimenting with LTSP running some (but not all) apps on the client (it has enough resources for that), mainly those dealing with video and sound, as this does not always work well over the network. Stuff like gimp and open-office are perfect to run on the server. So I am trying to select packages for the minimal Ubuntu-themed desktop first.

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golubovsky (golubovsky) said :


OK, I'll try gnome-core (your answer came while I was typing my question).

Thank you.

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golubovsky (golubovsky) said :

Thanks StevePearce, that solved my question.