Does ubuntu support pocket pc ?

Asked by Wladston Viana on 2007-04-21

I have an Ipaq hx2495 pocket pc, running windows mobile 5.0 (as far as I know, no linux runs on it yet). Does ubuntu support then ?

When I plug it on, nothing happens ...

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You can try installing multisync which has support for some PocketPC/WindowsCE units

Wladston Viana (wladston) said : #2


Well, I have installed it, and now I'm quite lost. I can't find documentation on how to make it work with a pocket pc.

Have you ever use this program ?

Javier Jardón (jjardon) said : #3

Hello, check the page of synce proyect:

Wladston Viana (wladston) said : #4

From their wiki installation guide : "You must choose between installing SynCE from Subversion or from old SourceForge packages. It is recommended that you choose Subversion."

Looks like it's not Ubuntu supported... :( It's hard to use a system that doesn't support my mobile device!!

PRAEst76 (launchpad-escapism) said : #5

synCE is present in the Ubuntu repository. Just "sudo apt-get synce-kde" or do "sudo aptitude" and search (/) for synce and multisync, select (+) the files you want to install and download and install them (g).

Wladston Viana (wladston) said : #6

I have installed that package, but when I plug in the PDA, nothing happens.

Also :

wladston@wlad-desktop:~$ synce-kde
bash: synce-kde: command not found

and a question ... why do I have to install the KDE libs ?

There is an Ubuntu guide to dealing with Pocket PCs in this location:

Wladston Viana (wladston) said : #8

Thanks again Matt!

Just one more thing ... do you know if it will work with thunderbird ?

Wladston Viana (wladston) said : #9

Thanks Matt Mossholder, that solved my question.

Wladston Viana (wladston) said : #10

Just a final question ... is there any way for me to sync a random part of my local music library to my pocket pc ? (even if I have to do it directly from my SD card ?)

      Probably the easiest approach is to do exactly what you suggested - Mount the SD card on your PC, and sync that, rather than trying to do it with the PDA directly. There are many more options for syncing directories than there are for syncing with PDA... check out Unison, Rsync, etc.



Wladston Viana (wladston) said : #12

Matt, is there any one that is user-friendly (aka, no command line ?) and gives me that power to sync a random part of my musics ? (all the musics don't fit the device)

     If all you need to do is copy files, then you could use the file manager. Beyond that, I think you probably need to better define what you mean by "sync". Are you looking for something that manages playlists and copies tracks? Your best bet may be one of the music players (e.g. Amarok, Banshee, Rhythmbox). I haven't used them this way, but it does seem like the type of functionality that they might provide...


Wladston Viana (wladston) said : #14


I think I'll need to better explain my issue.

I have a 6GB+ collection of music stored on my local server. Since I have a pocket PC, I would like to carry/listen the music I have when I'm out of home. But, since I can only copy 2GB of music to the device, I can't copy the whole library. I can only copy a part of it. So the first problem here is how to select a random set of musics (I don't want the artists that begin with "Z" never to be heard) to the device.

The second problem is - after some time, I will have acumulated more music, and I also will begin to feel tired about the musics I'm listening to. So I would need a way to re-generate the random set of musics, and put the new set on the device.

I have checked with Rhythmbox, that came by default, and It isn't able to copy music to a pocket pc or an SD card.

Is it possible to make this on Ubuntu ?

Rouben (rouben) said : #15

If your PocketPC can read SD cards (you mentioned it in your last post), perhaps the easiest (and arguably faster) way to copy a selection of songs to it would be through a USB SD card reader. These devices are very useful and fairly cheap nowadays... and the best part is, they will make your SD card appear as a regular disk on your Ubuntu desktop. You can then use whatever software you wish to copy a subset of your music collection to the card and then move the card over to your PocketPC. Just remember to unmount any external USB disks before disconnecting them (right-click and select "Unmount"), otherwise you may lose some data off your SD card.

I hope this has helped address your question somewhat.

Wladston Viana (wladston) said : #16

Thanks! In fact, I'm already using one of those ... the problem now is to fund a way to keep an updated collection of musics on the SD card.... I've reported a bug, let's see if they will like my idea!