how to kill a hang process

Asked by Arindam on 2008-11-11

How do I kill a hang process? I have read the answer provided for Question #16897. Is there an easier way to do this? (Some thing like Ctrl+Alt+Del in Windows)

THanks in Advance

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Charles Profitt (cprofitt) said : #1

Here is an excellent tutorial on how to kill a process.

Charles Profitt (cprofitt) said : #2

Here is an excellent tutorial on how to kill a process.

Best Fred (frederic-lespez) said : #3

Hi Ponton,

Under Gnome, you could use the System Monitor to kill processes. It looks like his Windows fellow.
Before using it, you must add it to your panel since it is an applet (right click on an empty space in one of your panels and choose "Add to panel", then look for "System Monitor").

To launch the System Monitor, right click on the applet, select "Open System Monitor" and look on the "Processes" tab.

Hope it helps.

Andre Mangan (kyphi) said : #4

Ctrl+Alt plus Backspace will get you out of trouble.

Fred (frederic-lespez) said : #5

Andre Mangan:
Ctrl+Alt plus Backspace will kill the X server and all running programs in the "graphic" session !!!
You could lose data by doing this (your half finished mail or document)...
And the hanging process may even survive this...

Ctrl+Alt plus Backspace is something you should use with care.

Charles Profitt (cprofitt) said : #6

System Monitor can be run from System | Administration | System Monitor so adding it to the panel is 'optional'.

Cntl+Alt+Bckspc is only necessary if X is locked up.

Luky Winarto (luckyborneo) said : #7

How about ALT+F2 then type xkill
Your pointer will become 'x' then just click the windows which is not responding.

Fred (frederic-lespez) said : #8

Luky Winarto:
If a windows is not responding, just try to close it. After a while, Gnome will ask you if want to wait or terminate the process.
But when Gnome itself doesn't respond xkill is handy :-)

You can lauch a Terminal and enter this command:
ps auxfw

Identify your process and kill it with
kill -9 "PIDnumber"

That's all...

Arindam (arindam-biswas) said : #10

Thanks Fred, that solved my question.

Mouath Ibrahim (natty) said : #11

How about in fullscreen

like games hanging :(